Thursday, October 17, 2013

James Walker's giveaway.

Hi, everyone  out there. I hope you doing all good, even if not, then still, hi there!

Just wanna inform that James Walker is about to  do his  first ever  giveaway on The Pleasantly Practical Writer ,  where he is giving away a free copy of John Green's, The Fault in Our Stars.

I have been looking for this book on book stalls but no luck yet. When I saw it, I commented on that post,  "I wanna enter this give away, if you  don't mind :)."

 He replied, " Of course you can! It is open to EVERYONE! Postal expenses are not an issue with this giveaway. :D"

 Yaaay !!!!!!It means anyone  outta  USA can participate :).

All one gotta do is ; 1.  Recommending  the Facebook page Pleasantly Practical.  
( I am recommending it here, and have recommended on my Facebook's page, so recommending done. But, off course you didn't bother to notice,  so how could you know? never mind! )

2. Share this FREE giveaway with your friends. (done)

3. Comment on your favorite blog post on Pleasantly Practical thus far.(done)
4. Comment below with your blog (if you have one) so we can connect!(done)

So, I  have technically entered my self, what are ya waiting for ?