Thursday, January 9, 2014

Things that make me happy.

Life is all about thori khushi, tora ghum, right ?  Little happiness, little sadness.No body can be happy all the time.

However, I am basically a happy peep. Small small things  make me happy.and strive to do those things which make me happy and keep me same, because I reckon this is  the only way, otherwise there is no such thing  dubbed happiness. its a way you live..  I also  succumb to a little sadness, a little depression from time to time,  and  I try to snap out as soon as possible.

Here are the list of few stuff which make me happy.
  • It is  warming up   here, and thank god. I ma happy. Cold weather is never my thing.
  • Walking in the morning not only makes me happy, it keeps me sane too.
  • Buying and reading books.
  • Sleeping.
  • Talking/hanging out  with my fav peeps.
  • Calling my best friend and telling him almost everything.
  • Blogging.
  • Your comments
  • Festivals, participating in it.
  • Success after hard work.
  • Completing my work on time.
  • Cooking.(it's actually a tried and tested therapy)
  • Going for shopping.
  • When my weak students  shows progress in their studies. 
  •  Taking my mom to her relatives or anywhere she wants to go.
  • Making breakfast for my  dad.

This post is  for "Inspire me 2014 Blog Challenge," hosted by Showered With Designs and Happiness Blog.

What makes you Happy :)?


  1. Thank you so much for participating :) following you back :)

  2. A lot of the things on your list make me happy also.

  3. Happy for you, dearest.. Always be happy, ya!

  4. Such a lovely list.

    There's unlimited happiness in buying and reading books for me. :)

  5. many, many of the things on your list make me happy also...warming weather tops the list, but cooking and sharing my food is very high up on the list also. A walk when it is warm is also very good and just seeing and being with my best friends is one of those great things also

  6. Its' good you like blogging ot make you happy, festivals are fantastic to meet people an have fun. Im sundersart but my blog is not workin
    Books are definitely, to me, the best thing, i love reading.
    Most of your happiness seems to be to help others ==)

  7. Your list and mine would be very similar.

  8. i love your lists! especially walking in the morning and books!!