Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Go Go Go Ale Ale Ale.

Every day from 8:15 am to around 10:30 am I gotta be with students in the ground to prepare them for up coming sports day. 10:30am is a break time when we have our snacks and tea. Then assigned teachers and selected students do their practice for  their musical performance which they will performance on the  sports day. Thank God, I am not assigned to do that, just in welcome song, which I do straight away when they do P.T their practice before 10:30 am.

It is tiring (for me),  and I ain't a sport teacher either.  Why I am even doing it ?
It's duty.

After that  I hardly get last two periods in which I take my classes. This is my duty. However, students are so drained of all energy after all day practicing.

The welcome song, Music teacher gave us is/was so pathetic. Well, I find it pathetic, but I didn't said that to senior teachers who are in-charge of this event. There are 5. All married and big in appearance wise.  They are senior and they are big, how can  I tell  them song is not fit for the sports day?  My bad. I should have. It was a welcome song but so melodious and slow, like for some annual day function. Anyway. Song is not only slow, Music teacher kinda cheated us. 

 He said it is there in the youtube, which could be downloaded easily, and  we thought it would be there like he said, though it was there,  recorded version of the recorded song. In-charge  still trusted him. He downloaded it from the youtube and them converted it into Mp3 and finally handed in to us.  Yesterday when we played it in the ground, no one could hear it. Janky.

I hate this man so much.

I almsot hate all the male staff in this school.

I hate them more since I found out their pays are more than mine and all other female teachers, and they do jack. Nothing. Just stand there when we tell them to. Otherwise they don't even stand. Zero contribution in anything. They want to get away with everything. Some said it is their naseep, fate. Their naseep, my ass.

There is no such thing called naseep. Fate is something we made. 

I know they are clever. They just stand quietly. This is their game. If they  show little bit interest, they will get responsibilities.  Responsibilities mean work.
I am the one who hate working, I am the one who is lazy,  make faces, complain, clumsy,  but holy cow, they are my baap.

Whenever I get chance I do my bit to make them sure they are not special. They are not here to  stand quietly in the corner, make faces.  They are here to work, just like we women are working.

Why I let them go? What is so special about them? 
 They just thank to God, I ain't their principal. 

Anyway, finally it came to a decision that we  still have time, no need to do this song.  It ain't working, so   changed  this welcome song over to Ricky Martin's  Go Go Go Ale Ale Ale. Hope it will be great.


  1. That's more like it - Ricky Martin!

  2. WOW! I KNEW it! Girl, yu "take the bull by the horns", and sing with them,
    "GO, GO, GO...ALE, ALE, ALE..." b/c you GOT it.

    May I say though one more thing. Hatred and resentment are things which can kill. NOT the other guy, but the one who is (for right or wrong) hating and resenting. The two items will gnaw at one's soul and chew it up. (I know this!) So please go easy with that. Trust Allah, and he will help. Ponder only on those GoooD things for which YOU should be proud, such as CHANGING the song, to GO, GO, GO...!!!!
    Steve, who is F I N A L L Y free of hatred and resentment--it was/is not easy, Babe!

  3. Ricky Martin sounds good to me! Yes, it is unfair, when I was working I was paid less than the male staff, I worked very hard but our male supervisor let the guys do what they liked and were never held accountable for not doing their work properly.
    xoxoxo ♡

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  5. Good luck with the day. And I hope these male teachers pull their weight, I amsure you will ensure that they do.