Friday, May 8, 2015

Lovebirds are not that loving.

Whenever I go to the balcony, I have to see lovebirds' kissing and hugging and all that, almost all the time. (VOMIT)

They have nothing else to do in their lives. 

Sometimes fighting, like you know, she is mine, he is mine wala fight happen as well !

 But today, someone got so aggressive and wounded the chick(baby lovebird)). And this is the fourth time in a row.

 Poor chick is in so much pain. Flapping in the corner.  Fear it would die soon.

Since the new chicks have arrived, we are having this issue. Their two chicks have already died because of this domestic violence!

 FYI, Lovebirds are not that loving. They don't even pair up that easily as we think. They select, impress, take their own time decide and then ding dong. After giving  birth, they don't consider their chicks as their own blood and flash. Now it is competition..for everything !


  1. Poor thing, sounds so sad.

  2. Did you remove the male to a separate cage? When we had birds, the male was usually aggressive after the chicks hatched.