Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eid 2015

My Eids(Al Fiter, or El Adha) are always well spent being a referee between  my mom and dad or watching TV.

There is always some bickering on Eid day about where to go,  to which relative we should   call on.  Well, as much as I remember they have always been bickering. And sulking afterwards for few hours then behaving and talking like nothing happened at all.  Sometimes I feel like this is their way of living. This is their life. Me being referee is only worsen the whole situation.

They both have their few aunts,  uncles and their kids left in Karachi. But on every Eid they are not sure where to call on. It is mostly their young  cousins who come to our place with their kids.

At this  certain age my dad wants to spend all  off days at home. He even had wind up his business. My mom who is just one year younger than my dad is not getting it. She literary black mails him to drive and go with her. He no more falls for her blackmailing.

On first day,  as usually my dad's cousins came. Later in the evening I took her to her cousin's place whose father, her uncle died 3 months ago. They are not celebrating this Eid due to his death.  Then I took her to one of my friends in our neighborhood. She live in block A, and also  have same kinda story. All her siblings abroad. Dad watches T.V after work and on off days. They even had no visitor except us.

 I made macaronis, and samosas. She made sheer qorma, and cholay.

Today she will visit  her another uncle's place. Maybe my bro will go with her.

One of my new  eye contact lenses has been mixed up with old itchy expired one. Actually when I came back home, old lens case was on my dressing table and I without thinking anything took off  my  right eye lens and put it in the old box, where itchy old lenses were  already there.  Now I have one fine and three itchy lenses. Dunno how my new one became itchy just being staying in wrong lens box with old lenses for a day almost. I am trying all three to find out which is my new and right one.

It is itching. And turning my eye red.

Oh, I forgot to let you how I was so there to burn my face while bleaching sideburns. What happens,  on first day I took a home facial and before facial I bleached my sideburns. OK, to get rid of side burn I added  too much power in bleach cream. I always do that. And the Wella bleach is quite hard. It started feeling hmm burning. I wiped all the shit at the right time otherwise I wouldn't be able to show my face to anyone this Eid. Two dark brown spots on my left side is there. I rubbed the ice to reduce the damage. Thanks to Allah everything is fine.

Jolen bleach cream is the best. Even though the original one is expensive, it never does such crazy thing.

Actually going to Chase Up at NEPA, where original Jolen is available is not that easy. After Uni I don't fell like going anywhere. Shopping is a mental and leg work. You just can;t do it after work. On Saturday, I am with my mom.

Ok this is just an excuse. I will be going to the Cash Up if I want my face not getting burn after work. There are lots of other cosmetic stuff I have to buy like blush on. After the CU, any shop for buying cosmetic  I trust is AMB Cosmetics in my area. I just bought Griner  BB cream from there and wow.

 Just wow. What a cream it is.

It definitely gives light coverage I always wanted and, even and  soothers the skin tone.

For my dark circles  under my eyes due to so much black eye makeup,  I gotta use proper concealer. Bb cream is not for my dark circles.

I also bought Cristine's two lipstick and Freeman's Kiwi and Yoghourt cleanser.

Checking BB cream.------------------------->

There are so many things I have stopped doing. One is blue and other bright colors eye shades and pink lipsticks.

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  1. Always a fascinating read Ifrah! :)

  2. Oh my godi, be careful with the contact lenses! You might get a bacterial infection it can lead to blindness. Can you buy more, new ones? We can get them cheap here online, they are water based daily ones. Acuvue. Sixteen pounds for a months supply but they are cheaper if you buy in larger amounts.I used them all the time, but not so much now...i keep meaning to return to them. But they are much safer than eternal ones, do you soak them in fluid? Even a tiny bit of dirt can cause might not even see the dirt.

  3. In my recollection, EID was a MUCH more exciting and fun times than the one you paint here, "bickering", and you, the referee!! I recall people going everywhere all day and evenings...and everyone always HAPPY!!! (Except the drunk ones!)

    Well, you otherwise sound as if you are surviving--HA! Contact lenses does not seem a problem here--because I do not wear them. SEE? if it's not about ME--it is not a problem hee hee hee!!!
    But I'm sure you will take care of it. I hate it when someone asks me "Did you make Doctor appointment yet?" "Did you take your pills today?" "Where are you going?" That shirt does not go with those trousers." AFTER ALL, I AM NEITHER AGE 2...nor allow me to make my decisions, and keep track of my life. PUHLEEEZE! (Actually, I DO what I want to do, and usually it is the right thing...because I already DID all the wrong things during my life--there are none left--grin! How SAD!

    I am so glad to find this blog, Izdiher, wondered where you had hidden it. Is that white face a photo of YOU? Funny, how white people lay in sun to become brown, BLACK peeps douse themselves in creams to try and lighten...and the most beautiful creatures of all--you light-brown Pakistanis try SO hard to look lighter color. WHY are we not all just happy with the way God made us? But I guess....maybe we are all HUMAN, right? Hmmmm.

    Hey it's time for bed now. I'm glad I found you here, thanks for letting me sound off, my friend!
    Good Night!

    1. Forgot to say that IS a beautiful face, lips, eyes, and...and...wellll GOOD NITE!!!

  4. I hope you still had a great Eid even though there were bickerings that day > <
    thanks for dropping by btw ^ ^

    New follower too <3

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

  5. Contact lenses... I never have the courage to try them on, my glasses will be my best friends forever and ever... hehehe ;p

    Salam Shawal to you too! *hugs & salam* ^^

  6. Eid Mubarak, dear! U sure looked gorgeous there!

  7. Enjoyed reading your post. It's different. Following you through GFC. Would love if you follow back.