Friday, July 31, 2015


For a solid reason I don't want to be in that room with them. They just talk and talk. And I have zero interest in them and in their talks and gossips. I have zero interest in any type of talk with anyone.   They are in my face and ignoring them is quite difficult. Also when it  is so clear that none of them are my well wisher or good for me then only salam is enough for the sake of Allah.

From 11 to 1 p.m I had meeting and it was so boring, useless, and time wasting. I stayed quite for the whole time. A big thing for me. And I am proud of my self.  The served a tea which was damn sweet. After   a sip, I  left it like that. Then I came back to my desk. My head was spinning from that meeting.

After lunch I by mistake I went to her cabin. S joined us after few minutes. She is new and just like rest of them. It is good for her. Good for her survival. Till 4;30 I heard their discussion.Such batuki batein. Talking like that for hours is waste of time. No one should do that.

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  1. Rising above what we perceive as mundane can make life feel solitary at times, however as long as we know our selves and the process it brings its own rewards.