Sunday, August 2, 2015


I  had to do invigilation and timing to be there was 9:30 a.m.

 I got up early but  left home little bit late for no reason and missed my Gulsitan bus. For the next one I had to wait for 5 to 8 minutes. To save time I hopped on the Chinchi from the Joher Chowrangi via which I reached NIPA. Neither  Shiraz nor Gulistan was anywhere to be seen. They were about to come, but I was in hurry  and instead of waiting for any of them I decided to take the Chinchi once again.

It took me  to Sader.

Chinchi route for Sader is so long. I should have gotten off from it at Expo Center or Dawood Engineering college but  I didn't. It drooped me at Express market from where I took an auto rickshaw and reached uni LATE.

  Everyone was there. My room was on T-House. But anyway. I behaved like SO WHAT?

After invigilation I went to the Movenpick Hotel for high tea.

Actually  I went there only for him. And he ignored me full time. WOW.

 I first thought it is  because of the  nature of the event because  everyone was sitting with straight faces like it was someone's funeral. However at the tea time, when when people started circulating and talking he  avoided me.

It was serious  ignoring/ avoiding on purpose.

 The tea and refreshment area was so crowded and choke full with people,  therefore it was not easy to ignore or avoid anyone, but he did. And somehow make it obvious that he is not interested. Another Wow !

What a character.

 If it is because he is married then I am sorry. It is OK. He is 30 something and almost men at this age are all married. So no big deal.

 But if it is because he is doing that because I do that to him all the time, then he is playing it all wrong.

See, I have showed my interest clearly as much as someone should have shown in other person. And it is  enough. Now if he is single and want to mingle then it is his turn to take a step and do some effort.

 Next time, if  he came in front of me he would get the same treatment.

OK, somehow I like him. (wink)But it doesn't mean I am dying for him.There would be many more. There would be the right one who would be dying to be with me no matter what.

The reason I am thinking about him is maybe that attitude.

Well played, PMAS.

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