Monday, May 23, 2016

Not impressed at all.

Problem with the kids like Zakia Belkhiri is that they are confused.

 They are living in free democratic society of first worlds where religion is personal thing, where having rallies of anti any religion is no big deal. They are second generation of immigrants from the  third world countries where religion, culture, languages, ethnicity, tradition is so important.  However,  these kids are so far away from their parents' homeland, and have no desire to ever leave the comfort, and freedom of the west for their parents' homeland which is Islamic in their values. However, they don't want to be known as Western either. They try to find answer of their identity crisis in religion.

Someone please tell them that they can't have  a cake and eat it too.

On a serious note, despite living in the western world, these kids have so much  pressure of not becoming like western. And this is the saddest part.

Anyway, this whole selfie episode of Zakia makes the west hero. It shows how easily a head covered girl  can go out  and take selfie freely.

I can bet, Ms. Belkhiri would be asking permission to go out first from her father and brothers on a sunny day with her friends just for outing  if she was living in any Muslim majority country. Countries like Belgium give them full freedom. None of them harmed her.

Those protesters were peaceful. They are actually group of non significant peeps in the western world.

Sometimes I feel so pity for our girls. How much over  thinking they do  before going out, taking selfies and posting it on the social media.

Parents of such confused kids should also understand this dilemma. Islam can protect them from becoming western. It is they who decided the  west to be their home. Sailing on two boats is a risky business.

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  1. you present a good perspective!

  2. I so agree we live in a melting pot kids are so confused

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  4. News today, nothing tomorrow. I so wish people would stop generalizing and focus on what indeed needs their attention and effort - community, poverty, child education, healthcare.

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  6. Reading you posts after a long time.. been so busy. You are eloquent and opinionated as ever.