Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Rickshaw Ride.

It turned out a good day so far.  T, that gal from Ajj T.V, and I walked till Jama Market. T went on his way, gal caught her bus. I took rickshaw.

My auto driver was a chatty guy. We talked about so many things in our 45 minutes ride, despite my flu. He almost told me about his family, wife and kids. He said he likes teachers because his wife is a teacher. At the time of marriage, some fifteen years ago, he was an uneducated man. Now with the help of his wife, he can read and write in Urdu and English. It is their love marriage. Initially her family was reluctant in marrying her with him. 

And they hardly fight. 

It has been seen that your living standard is automatically better if your wife is educated. It is actually a woman who runs home. Upbringing the children. Man are mostly out. 

He is right in so anyways. Education effect your living slandered. It is also better if there is two income coming on house esp if you are living in city like Karachi.  

He  also taught her to drive rickshaw at sea view. They sounded like a happy family.

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