Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Eid Al Adha 2016.

Everything is gonna reopen from tomorrow😅. It is technically third day if Eid Al Adha. I have no idea what was in the mind of government when they were deciding the Eid vacation. We celebrate Eid for three days. I have to make my CNIC card. It has expired in last August. I was postcarting it for no reason. Then my wallet got jack in one fine day. I was in the Gulistan bus. Someone jacked it. Although there was no money in it. All my cards were there. It is a fitague. I registered FIR of my stuff.

I am still angry at me. In the past 1 and a half no such thing ever happened. No matter how clumsy, lost or sleepy I am, I get seat, and keep my bag tight next to my heart. I carray a tote. All my stuff is there. Sometimes my DSLR and lenses  with me. Still, no mishap ever happened.

That day I had a co-worker with me. I got distracted in chatting with her. And it was strang. Weather was over cast. I asked her to get auto rickshaw and divide the fare. We live super colse. She said no. I was tired. I m mostly too tired after work. I tagged with her. Bus got choke full at Naumish Chowrangi.


Long story short. Someone jacked it. I didn't check my bag after coming home. It was not there in morning.

I have to go NADRA tomorrow g or my new CNIC.

All this happening because I m so lost. There is so much to do. My semester has statarted.

 I m at home since last saturday. And it is so relaxing. There is nothing like home.

Ok, I am lazy. Things in my room are as it is as they were last Friday. Getting up in morning is struggle. It is impossible without alarm. To get up at 6, sleeping at 9 is must for me. Otherwise I wilk keep sleeping till late morning.

Morning time is the best time to do anything. Your mind is fresh. And I have to study. Whole day passes in jiff. So, for me getting at 6 is so important. Then I am having this bad habit of not setting my bag at night.

 This is so not me.

God, what is happening for me.

Eid Al Adha is all about sacrife. And meat. There is meat everywhere. We don't go crazy about it. On first day We had curry rice in noon and grill at night. Today I made cauliflower and potato for the lunch and palu for the supper.

This time around my apartment's Union decided to have all the slaughtering outside the apartment in separate place. We have a tenet till tomorrow's mid noon. People are taking their animals in a organized way and waiting for their turn. All the butchers, seasonal sand professional are sitting out. People are understating the concept of having a proper and separate place for their animals, the mess it creates before and afterwards. It is all up to you. How you arrange. How you want things to be done.

 Sacrifice can be done in less messy way with some proper arrangements as well. Only meat cutting and making is happened inside the parking lot. Sweepers are active and cleaning.

My apartment is at the 3rd floor. All pics are taken from there. I wanted to capture the slaughtering.

 Ohh, Please if you are thinking I am against it, you are supper wrong. I love hunter beef, Mutton biryani/Palu, camel nihari, and sheap kabab in moderation. Go eat pie. You can't have hamburger from carrots.

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