Monday, October 17, 2016

Meeting Nai.

Today we had only shopping in our schedule. And I  deiced to meet Nai from the Tak Pe Ja. She saw one of my KL's pics on my Intagram and asked me whether I am in KL? Lets have some coffee.
Photo Credit: Nai

Blogging turn out to be and amazing thing to me. People from all over the world are my friend. Yes, I call them my friend. They are near and dear to me as any real friend. From them she approached me. I was more than happy and decided to meet her on Sunday at Star Bucks, outside Berjaya Time Square.

My students are also more interested in shopping rather than seeing Kaula Lumpur. I do shop too, but only those stuff which are required. I usually make a list and when I get my pay, I buy those listed stuff. This way I get clear about stuff  I really needed unless wasting my hard earn money on not needed stuff.

First we went to China Town at around 11. Stalls were not opened yet. I bought 2 watches, one in 10 Ringgit and one in 20 Ringgit. One for M and one for my bro. I also bought I heart Kuala Lumpur shirt in 6 ringgit for him. Pics are coming.

It got crowded later. China Man were not very found of us. They called me " no manner," for taking their pics without their permission. Another one told me and my students to fuck off because we broke the deal. Our bad na.

I tried t cool him down. However, he told me to fuck off.

Fuck you too, dear Chini barather.

Yeah, you got me!! I was enjoying messing up with them. Our guide had told us their way of selling. She told us they can get abusive if you don't buy after making a deal. It wasn't my fault. The students said they don't want wallets.

After China  Town we went to Berjaya Time Square. It is such a relaxing and reasonable mall.  I bought shoes for my self from a Bangla shop keeper in 20 Rinngit. He was asking for 25. It is not original.

 I was there till 2 pm looking after my female students. I asked Nai to come earlier as I was getting terribly bored with all this shopping.

She had to wait for 10 to 15 minutes , maybe more because I wasn't getting my way out from the wall. OK, I was panicked. I desperately wanted to be out. Technically all of us uni peeps had to meet out at 2:30 after shopping and go back to our  hotel. Therefore, I decided to have half an hour with her at Star Bucks.

My first impression was damn cute :)

I told her I haven't done lunch. We went to Rasa Utara, a cozy restaurant for lunch. Nai was damn kind to order this much Malaysian food. before that I had this cool drink. Nai told me this is Malaysian's Ramadan specialty.

I loved the prawns. They were the yummiest.

I asked Nai to go back inside the mall. I had to buy  Mildura's organic Honeycomb Biscuits as souvenirs for my family and friends back in home. There were so many other awesome products available. The shop was at ground floor of  mall.

After that delicious lunch and shopping, we went out and took official  selfie.

There were some Filipino guys, I asked one of them to took our pics.

 Are not we two pretty girls who just wanna have fun?

It started  rained. She bought an umbrella for us. My hotel is just 10 to 15 minutes walk from the mall so we walked. I made tea for her after reaching hotel. Later we talked and talked for 3 hours. And I felt good. Really good.

I really had such a good talk after so long. She really talked to me. It was so easy being with her. She told me her stuff and letting me connected with her. There was no barrier. Her way of talking was so soft. I, on another hand was hyper like my Karachi. She hare her life and work experiences with me.

She is a mom, a lawyer by profession and a smart lady, I look up to. After meeting her I felt motivated.

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  1. Auwww... so cute! Thanks for this entry, dear, really appreciate it. Nice meeting you too, sweet lady!

  2. I like this, This is lovely and nice.