Thursday, July 13, 2017

Controlled emotions, straight face and calculated talk.

I took down my no make up selfie from my Facebook profile. It was fine but some one said that my recent uploads are giving a look of a depress and lone gal.

Maybe it is because I have stalled doing things which used to make me happy. or maybe they are my eyes. They are  big and like that. They don't lie. I didn't explain him anything though. There is no need to explain anything to anyone. Well, whatever it was, has been passed. I have alert face now. Being open about you has its down in real world. My problem is my emotions. They are on my face. Working so hard to regulated them. I am mostly smiling, showing my teeth, happy, sad for a while back to happy. It is consider a week point of mine. 

My observation and experience had made me sure that people with controlled emotions, straight face and calculated talk are successful. I am opposite of all that. No one ever told me how to be calculated. Telling your feeling is considered complains. It has negative impact. 

 On a phone call with S, I told her straight I don't know. She wanted to know few info related to work as we are still on our summer break. Why I dish out any info to her?  So, they later tell others that, she told me. Calculated and cunning behavior suffocate me. But this is the name of game. 

I never had any set back because of my openness but it feels like it is not much appreciated.  

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  1. It's good to be open but it does matter who is around you. I follow your blog now.