Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Too much to handle.

There are quite handful of people who are still after Qandeel Baloch even after almost one year of her tragic and ironic death. One biopic tele film "Baghi" on her is coming out as well. They are all trying their best to figure out who she was, what she did so wrong that she had to die in such horrific way.  Some blame society, some blame media, some says she asked for it. There is also one Facebook page "Qandeel ki Kahani" with the aim to tell the world about real Qandeel Baloch.

Best of luck.

Being so brutally honest, unapologetically stubborn to achieve your goal in a society where everyone is a moral police is not a joke. No one can win here what she was trying so hard. In the end, she had to pay the price.

Her grit helped her to climb the social leader. Her struggle from a small village to a city wasn't easy. With her hard work and determination she completed her education, and became finally financially stable. Many don't know that she was a successful bossiness woman. Her family in the village of South Punjab was financially depended on her. 

She opt for the social media just for fun after saying almost good bye to the showbiz. In her own words while speaking to Sohail Warraich in his famous show on Geo T.V " Eik Din Geo Ky Saath," this showbiz was not her thing." Even though she tried. 

She got in notice because of her controversial video on her Facebook page. They were entertaining of some sort. Once she offered to strip if Pakistan wins the match. That video got viral. She started posting more and got in trouble. Rest is history.   

For public she was a joke. 

For her she was one woman army. 

Being on the social media like she was in Pakistan is risky. Pakistani showbiz people and celebrities have found out that  do what public want: Family Entertainment. They are alert and conscious. There is no conflict between them and their audience. They are more religious than anyone, and  as traditional and family oriented as any Pakistani. Otherwise they would have been rejected long ago. No one can lie for that long.  

Her life or death can't change Pakistani society. It will not liberate Pakistani society from its extreme level of hypocrisy. People are way smart. They know how to fulfill their all kinda needs. 

Then why taking risk?

 Majority here have no issue with anything. They are okay with conservative ways of living. No one here fights for the right of freedom because no one wants it. People respect their cultural, norms, tradition and everything in between. Thus they don't want anyone to bring any kinda change. Every other thing they find conflicting their existing set up is unacceptable. Everyone has right to do whatever that person is doing is no such thing.

Those minority who wanna  do "other" things, do behind  the close doors. That is the way it is. They are at least safe, alive and mentally in peace.

Therefore, whatever she was doing didn't go well. She was fighting  a lost battle every day to be accepted by the audience who some how had rejected her. Her struggle was more psychological than physical. There was no one with her on that. Such fights are exhausting and waste of time. Those people were only on her page to take out their own frustration by insulting her. She was too much for them to handle.  They wanted her to repent or die.

What  she was doing was nothing extra ordinarily. Like any woman in her twenties all around the world, she was having fun. Public use social networking sites to share their meal, shower, ice cream, cleavage, shoes and what not. They also  have their fair amount of followers and haters.
 Her mistake was her Facebook page for wrong crowd. Millions of women in this world are showing off in the name of sharing on daily basis in the cyber word what she was doing. No one give damn about them. Neither should. They are owner of their profile. You know what does that mean?

Fuck off.

That is not your page. You have issue. Don't follow, don't subscribe. Who says this is your duty to tell what one such post. Calling every one  R word can't help your frustration.

Anyway. It is useless: Telling losers to have distance. There is a boundary. We all have right type lectures don't work. Everyone is minding every's business. 

She might have repented after getting burn out and become another  nice sweet heart of Ramadan Transmission with a proper dupatta on her head, nodding and smiling in a balance way. Who  knows? But life didn't give her that chance. 

She had to go soon.

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