Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I had a  chicken sandwich  for  my lunch , and chicken qorma  for  my dinner . It is  not a one day story . Almost every other day , I'm   eating something made of chicken .Ammi (my mother) believes it is healthy , easy to cook and cheap .  Not only that every where I am  going  I am   meeting  the chicken .

Chicken curry , chicken ka salan , chicken biryani , chicken qorma , chicken roast , chicken tikka , chicken dopayazy , chicken handi , fried chicken , chicken masala , chicken boneless handi , chicken chandi  panner , chicken caldeen , chicken roll ,chicken burger , chicken this and chicken that  .

Every other meal is becoming a chicken only meal and peeps are loving it . Time will come when we will be eating chicken cake .

 I  really have no personal issue with chicken , and it has never provoked  me .  I  just can't  eat it  every day . And  the  fad I am witnessing is that chicken is going otta hand .

Not only that it has cramp the style of kebabs and burgers  . Chicken kebabs and burgers is totally yuck . My point is  everything has it's own taste with a right meat , isn't ? I dunno how people are eating it that much , seriously .

Like a roast is more than delicious with a chicken  .You will never like a zinger of lamb or cow . I like mutton biryani , mutton qorma , beef chops , lambs kabab and all type . Kabab : rashmi , afghani , chapli , boti , bihari, shami ________all mutton, and beef made.

I told Ammi to stop cooking it but talking to her is like a zero sum game.

No wonder,  it is easy to cook and cheap . However , chicken is not only white meat.

In my opinion fish is more healthier white meat . It contains omega 3 fatty acids, proven to be good for the heart.

Bas khadeya !!!!!!!!   Chicken sucks !!!!!!!!!

P/s : I want to puke !!!!


  1. Hi Izdiher ~~ Just rwturned to say Hi to you. I very much like some chicken dishes, Kiev, lemon chichen
    Roast of course and sweet and sour is good. b ut I have noticed there is more and more chicken around.
    Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

  2. yeah..u are right..

    chicken is easy to cook....but, not so healthy i guess...

    i dont like chicken but somehow i bought chicken because it is easy to cook n cheap..

    i prefer fish..but, do not know what to cook with fish...hehehe...

    do you mind share any chicken recipe?? chicken masala...

  3. Haha I love chicken but for burger, I prefer fish fillet :)

  4. Too much of anything can be a pain:)

  5. I love chicken Izi.. But I cant imagine having it daily.. So you have got a point girl:)

  6. I had to chuckle a little. I, too, fix a lot of chicken for the same reason as your mom. We eat too much beef here in Texas, and chicken is a great alternative. I do hope, though, you get some variety in the meat soon!

  7. Hahaha! Chicken this Chicken that! I know how it feels...used to happen to me too before I turned Vegetarian....Empathy!!!

    Hope u come out of the vicious chicken circle soon...

    And yes...I totally agree, everything has its own taste with the right meat...!

    Nice post! Visit my blogs someday... :)

  8. Indeed. I know for sure that fish is much healtier!! We eat a lot of meat.. If we don't eat meat it is chicken. The days that we DONT eat meat/fish/chicken is like 2%! So not good.


  9. i can't have beef or mutton, so fish and chicken are my only choice :)

    Latest: Of LocaL Spiciness

  10. Hi, nice post..:) I was wondering why they love chicken so much same here in my house, but for me, it's fish and vegetables the best.

  11. Fish is definitely very good for you, but maybe more expensive than chicken! I remember a time I could not eat chicken any more.
    I am back eating some, but definitely not every day!

  12. That's a lot of chicken. A few years back I decided to turn into a vegetarian because I could hear chicken in my stomach. Gyaah! I am scarred for life.

  13. You didn't have to be so hard on the poor chicken :).......besides too much of anything is always bad....maybe you should give chicken 1 month break and then try it.

  14. I was once a chicken lover, but now I am a serious vegetarian

  15. Hahahaha, I can understand this...we ate too much white rice the past few weeks. and even though white rice is good, I'm tired of it! I do like chicken in general, but don't eat too much of it myself. Hope you get a little more variety ;)

    <3 cambria

  16. Thanx for visiting my blog...
    Well there is always other choices...
    Seafood is one of my fav.......

  17. Chicken is probably my favorite meat, but having it every day would be tiresome.

  18. Aww, chicken biryani is one of my faves!

  19. haha...if you eat more chicken..the next day you'll have wings already ^_^

  20. Well, I like roast duck...WAIT A MINUTE, this post is about CHICKEN, right? Well, I like chicken. I like everything, except I've never tried raw (uncooked) fish. Or,--as in Korea, etc.,--live, sqiggly SQUID! YIKES!

    Izdiher, you will one day be your own family's cook, so then you may have chicken every 21 November, and never tire of it. I could eat tuna fish every day for a month or two ...but I do not!

    Have a GREAT Thursday!

  21. I also get tired of chicken. One of my favorite things to eat is lamb biryani, made by these nice folks in downtown Portland and sold from their truck. I dream about the stuff. Thank God it's difficult to get to or I'd be fatter than I am.

  22. I love eating chicken! My favourite kind of meat!
    Miss Starshiny

  23. Chicken.. mjumm! But not that much no! haha
    lovely post!

    follow me


  24. Haahaa, I love chicken ! but chicken everyday ? Not at all , specially in summers it is strictly No !
    BTW, I enjoyed reading about your love- hate relationship with meat in this post.
    take care,
    -Sanghamitra @ La Dolce Vita

  25. I love chicken but only 2 times a week! Still I think I could eat your mother´s cooking every day, I love food like this. Take care!!

  26. I love chicken, but not for every meal! My Mom hates chicken so we never had it growing up. And now I'm not supposed to eat too much meat, so I'm making more vegetarian meals. Sorry you are "chickened" out!

  27. I could not eat chicken every day--and I have one sister-in-law who refuses to ever eat it. I like variety.

  28. Hmm..Chicken..I like it..but you know what..I dont like saying this word because of a top secret...promise you will not disclose?
    yra nam to mera Kiran hy but meri Aapi mujy kbi kbar Chiken keh ker tang kerti hyn :(:( btao bhala hy koi resemblance between these two words...aewey hi na..haha
    Thanks for visiting me dear girl..

  29. Aye hai! Yeah kya keh diya aapne? :-)

  30. Chicken! Its the cheapest form of non vegetarian delicacies ;) And though I do love it, I'm sure you can get tired of it because of the excess.:(
    But you made me hungry, sooooo hungry . Grr, need to feed myself ASAP

  31. Salaam alaykum,

    Too much is not nice indeed.

    Rarely eating chicken myself.

  32. TELL me about it... At times... I agree... But I love burgers.. :D

  33. LoL! Entertaining post, I eat chicken pretty much everyday, but I love it :-) so yeah, yeah some things like kebabs and mince are better made of meat like lamb or mutton- I cant eat beef as I'm allergic.
    Maybe you can volunteer to cook/buy meat once a week- call it meat day :-). You are right fish is a healtheir form of white meat-but I'm not a fan- I mean once ina while its ok but I wouldnt be able to eat it everyday. Hope you find a solution to your

  34. boy its like you read my mind I just wrote a blog about food for tomorrow.
    Chicken gives gout and so it is wise to change the diet everyday. Chicken is also grown on hormones because too many people eat it and its much in demand.
    The best is to have your own grown meat from your own back yard.
    keep Your own eggs, grow your own fish.
    I think we have to step back and stop trusting in these huge coops which collect everything from everywhere, and no one knows what any one is eating anymore.

  35. Yeah, having chicken everyday can get a bit boring... I'm not a big fan of chicken, or meat in general, I still have it from time to time, veggies always come first to me! :)