Friday, March 25, 2011

OCM is shit

Last year ,in February, I did one of the maga  mistake of my life( Well,I have done  so many so far).I was so psyched about one of my personal thing(getting married),wanna be perfect for that(did not happen then,so better leave this holy spot.I messed there too,my many drams ,and I ) .Bottom line  is that I just wanted to be so beautiful.My skin is dry and it was winter .I wanted some thing legit, which make my skin soft .I hate my dry skin,but I never had pimple ,bums, zits or any  acne ,never, yeah. It was dry but clean ,only blackheads and whiteheads. So hoping to get rid of the blackheads and  whiteheads.Nothing else.In  nutshell  my skin was really quite good.I was fool .

I  Googled .That time I was so much in to natural things.Biggest err,believe me. Natural things are for eating .......tomato scrub , banana mask,etc,etc .They are all wrong.Better eat them  .Those who are doing it,keep doing ,I am done with food materials.

Anyway,I found "Oil cleansing method".Did not I know my skin is dry,  and I don't have oil problem ?And if this theory is real ,then it was not for me .I was blind ,and could not make sense of it They were saying it is  best way to get clear skin.

The argument is that like matter attracts like matter, “Oil dissolves oil”, and by rubbing olive oil all over your face, you’re actually dissolving the “bad” oils in your skin.

Anyway,at that time,like I said,I did not have acne,pimples, blemishes, rashes or outbreaks.I was blind and greedy,wanted more better skin.After reading them,I become more hyper,because all testimonials were great,everyone was using it.The more I dig,more I find it glorified.I only search, and did not council with anyone .I might have talk about it ,but anyway ,when things have to get worst,no one can stop it .I also told this to all my friend .Thank God, they find using oil on their face gross, and did not take a stap.

Most important things was that it was easily available,cheap and under my league.You need only two oil.First, make a ratio according your skin type ,and start with  a generous puddle of oil into the palm of your hand. Roughly, the size of a quarter, but more is acceptable. Rub your hands together to warm the oil and smooth over your face.Once you're done with massage , pick up your washcloth and soak it in clean, steamy water. You want the water to be warm enough to open your pores and remove the oil.For detail you can google it.Oddles websites will tell you how to do it.Please don't do it .

Yay, I had that ,what else? I started the OCM, using olive oil mixed with coconut oil .When I first started, I did get rid of a lot of sebum plugs and blackheads, skin become like baby soft ,so I was very happy and excited ,everything was going smooth .Result was great .I though  some purging going on.I had done this just twice for two consecutive weeks .

Then I stared use it on daily basis .After that,I  had two  cystic pimples on my chin.I did not give much attention to it ,they gone after week .I also  reckon that it is because of coco oil,and weather was also changing too,April started ,so I changed Coco oil in to Almond oil .I also felt  Almond  oil  was too drying ,so after using couple of week,I  added drops of mineral oil. The most dangerous thing !!!!I don't know what was in my heart and small mind !

It started in February  and it's been three months and my skin was in it's best condition.Every one was praising it .I got pumped with happiness.Don't know what went wrong .I might jinx it ,and then in May, the horror started.

I got break out ,first time in my life .I have had full blown acne, massive red  cyst type bumps on my chin . My cute  chin was targeted.My skin gone mad.I mean really mad,then  I have had  very painful cystic acne , and skin texture was worse than ever.

I Googled more ,and found that OCM is best for acne ,I start using it twice a day to get rid of that viscus circle.I tried to play with mix ratio and even added some mustard oil in it ,but nothing worked.It was disaster .

I stalled the OCM after May.June started . Things got outta my hand . I  was that ignorant that I did not know  that  the oil has clogged all my pores and eventually I was going to have to face more acne.It become visible to everyone.My mother asked me what the hell I did, I said it is because of the Ponds moisturizer.My baby Ponds :( I blamed it.I lied.She would had kill me,but she knew that I had done something ,so left me to face the music.

My face  was  disgusting to look at. I have been embarrassed to go to weddings, and social events. They have been very hard to cover with make-up too, and I was also in a lot of pain

I decided to go dermo,alone .I could not fix that err myself,anymore .My kind dermo ,mend it .He dubbed some  kind of acne,which I never heard   in my life before. So it was horrifying to hear that. He told me that it is caused by bacterias living on the surface of skin. He told me I probably over did OCM .

I  cried  so bad . It is not as simple as that.Story did not finish here.I spend  hundreds of rupees on my sin.It took more than four month, till September, I was with my sinful skin .Those skin care medicine were so expensive .If I had new these things were gonna happen ,I might  get some thing better from those money ,I gave given to dermo and for medicine .

I stall everything,once and for all:skin routine,normal cleansing,toning and moisturizing,facials,even my favorite oily foods.Yes,every thing was triggering  up my hormones or skin,I don't know what crap was that, and was giving rise my pimples to pop up.I got biggest lesson of my life .Slowly things got improving.

Today is February 8th , same day I stared that crap ,believe me ,till now ,I'm hunted by these pimples.They are cysts acne, which comes occasionally.My skin become pore to that kind of acne .I really did not know that oils are for cooking purpose only ,how could I be that fool? 

 There is no truth in this theory of “Oil dissolves oil” .It is all monkey shit .The fact of the matter is this oil clogs pores. If you go rubbing oil all over your face, you are going to get zits,pimples, acne,etc,etc. Maybe not the first day, maybe not even the second day, but it is going to happen eventually.  This is OIL ,how can oil do this?Believe me, because they are so viscous  that they does not goes really into the skin,.and we also  don't clean  our skin properly after using them.


  1. wow I'm sorry that happened to you. I read about oil treatments and I think I tried it once I don't remember it was a along time ago but I didn't like it so I didn't do it again. I'm glad things are better now Alhumdulilah.

  2. AHH THANKS ,JAZAK AHHLAH KHAIR .:) It was not not for me .I did not council anyone.Yes, things are way better,Alhumd Allah :)

  3. Salam sister,
    thanx for ur comment on my blog, sur we can follow each other :) Now I'm in ur list :)) - it's ur turn!
    xx Nad

  4. Thanks for coming here,and reading .Check your list .I'm already there .Have a nice day Nad :)

  5. Wow same as you i never used to get even minor spots or anything , then i went to a designer makeup exhibition in London and got some beautiful foundation for free, omg omg when you put it on you look gorgeous after that its terrible so now im using 2 special formulated creams to try and get my skin to how it was before, i also had normal skin and now it feels drier and drier so strange, anyways nice blog and i hope your face gets back to how it was

  6. Yeah,people do any thing to sell their products but we should also be careful.Much is our fault.After these complication skin became more drier and drier .,and those med make it worst .Mine was cracking .Jazak Allh kair for coming here and comment.Yes,it is better now ,Alhumd Allah .Just some time when I eat oily food,or acher.Follow each other :).Have a lovely day princes .
    Walikum As'selam .

  7. lovely post ,mashallah .


  8. ouch that sad and im sorry to hear that.

    So after this bad experience. what do you recommend that is good for the skin?

  9. OMG So sorry to hear what happened. Make sure before trying anything new ask around. Write about it on your blog and let people give you their opinions or feedback. I hope you feel better. And thanx for you =r lovely comments on my blog.

  10. @ CFJ ,where have you been ??????
    No ,wallah ,I'm not recommending it to others ,like I read those testimonials there on other ebsites ,it works for few people.You can check you tube as well.So if it doess work for few then why on this earth I stop anyone ?

    @Latifalshamsi,I am more than glad you visit me.Jazak alh Khair for your.Actually that's what I was trying to say "always ask around".Insha'Allah,I will write about it .And you are welcome .Your post are lovely ,that is why I reply :)

  11. hahaha u use oil, i use mud! ( okey bad of me for laughing ) every1 said i need to get the mud for Jordan or where ever it was as long its from the dead sea.they said it was good. just imagine in a very young age (9 years old) i start to have my 1st pimples n they become a lot. when ever i try to apply it on my face, it felt like my face burned. couldnt stand the pain, i didnt wanna use it n get rid of it. but i really wanna get rid of the main problem, oily skin. but its impossible


  12. Still, much remains unclear.

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