Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Freaking old

I don't know why whole Pakistan and India is so touchy about  this  cricket world cup's first semi final ,like it is some kinda war   .I don't care if  it is between   the world's most intense sporting rivalries .Every one making it bigger than the finals.  

Yesterday,as  I was watching  t.v,every channel was  presenting this match as a war between India and Pakistan. It is one stupid game ,which came to sub-continent from Britishers .  Royals people used to play this slow  game  and now it has become game of sub-continent .So please ,it is not a war ,just a game , in which one must lose and one must win, that could be either India or Pakistan.

Pakistan was carved out of India to establish a Muslim homeland when British rule of the sub-continent ended in 1947.But it is a freaking old thing .Gimmi a break,I can not relate my self with it .I was not even born in '47,  neither in 60s, nor in  70s . So,I don't hate or love India like that ,I mean in rivalry way  .It is  dumbest thing to do. Why people are so sentimental about it? I personally have zero excitement about it .... apathetic game.And by the way ,this cricket is most dumbest game on this earth .Only slow people plays it .Smart people plays something else  .

No one hate   Indian  here .People  feels their  history and tradition are so much connected that they  can not hate India at all. Their fake patriotism only spring up in matches .On their daily basis Pakistani adores Indians .Funniest thing these sentiments  are so fake . 

From ages, Indian film industry is ruling,too bad.It is reality that our  every Pakistani artists,singers and performers are desperate  for making his or her name in Bollywood.

India has been rooted in Pakistanis.We have won three battles but it has vanquished us via media.It's been ages since we got freedom from it,but still if you ask any Urdu speaking  where  are  they  from?Answer would be "I'm from U.P (Utter Pardesh),Delhi ,Agra ,or most disgusting word "mahajor".Excuse me,your age is 25 (suppose )you never been India .How come you are Indian ?

How come you are all that when you have born here?And you parents too? What do I do if our grand grand parents born there? They are gone .We are Pakistani ,so call your self Karachites,Karachi wala,Multani,Lahori or Iamabad wala ,if you can ,OK.

In the nut shell people here  loves it ,and this hate is fake.

 If they so desperate to play it then play  a cracking game. That's  it.No matter who wins it, and let the best team wins.Pakistan has never beaten India in WC, so it’s a chance for them to break this record and create history. And so India has never beaten Pakistan at Mohali so even they have a chance to equal the equations.

All those sms, fwd mails ."It is a judgment day ", " Pray for Pakistan" ,and saying that "Pakistan flag will wave  again in the land of India once again", "We are winners" .. are only pet peeve. First play well then best  team will win automatically .It is just a game ,like any another game,honestly dumbest game ,so it is not a judgmental  day .I wish this dumbest world cup finish as soon as humanly possible.How many games has been  left ? 

Only good thing about today is that  it is off in my region(Sindh) because of semi final .I would do some manicure and pedicure  .


  1. I honestly find the whole India/Pakistan?british thing interesting. I just don't get the big deal and touch between them

    Interesting post.

  2. Thanks for calling it interesting. .Yes, history between them ,and then the arrival of Britisher and their rule is quite fascinating .I am joking here .So please don't mind :)