Monday, May 16, 2011

Reidi Gul

I have watched each and every episode of Uth record , so let me postmortem it .I am bit late for writing about that mind blowing reality show , because when it was on airing, I was working, and did no get much time to write about it.Now they are re-telecasting  it.So here I am, babe. 

Anyway,so what !Who care?At least, I am writing now .As the show was for youth, and I am a youth, so I can say anything I wanna say .Just read it  .

UTh Records   

It is s a full of delights ,sincerely  good effort of Ufone(largest cellular company of Pakistan) to give an opportunity to talented young singers to  break into the industry.Today's youth really need that opportunity to belt out properly.They gave pretty fair platform to the  some  6 talented young musicians.Amazing music,well done  production, well directed  program....... a complete package.I wish ,it would lasted more longer, so many others who have been left out might got chance to show what they are capable of . 

I do  appreciate their  sincere effort but I personally like Yasir- Jawaid-Wali  band most,so I will write about them .I tell you what,to me music ,sound and song should be strong, powerful ,melodious and touching .Maybe, I don't know much about music,that is why I am saying it ,but I have two ears and I am a listener.I do listen every style of music.I can listen any music from this world, it just has to be freaking melodious .And in retrospect, Y-J -W band is all what I want to listen.


Reidi Gul

There were  6 songs (artist)with different genre,but ,to be damn honest,other songs did not touched my heart  like Reidi Gull did. It more interesting and catching than others .The first time I heard it ,I was like, WOW ! who the hell are they.I have heard other many Pakhton songs but this time   I am  completely overwhelmed by its  emotional richness

Reidi Gul is actually a poem written by Ghani Khan,a Pashto/Pakhton  language poets of the 20th century  . It is also  written on the wall of Ghani Khan Library Charsadda.If any of you have read  Kulyaat-e- Ghani,would know that his poetry  are best of the best . If not,the read it .You will love it.
Trio, Yasir-Jawad-Wali band  from Peshawar turn this beautiful poem in to a contemporary  folk song  and Wali sing is beautifully with his soft voice . This song was  originally sung by Sardar Ali Takkar long agao  .No wonder, they gave a new life to this song.Pukhtoon  music has been re-born because of Yasir -Jawaid-Wali Band.

It has become an ear candy.Ghani Khan's  poetry is exceptionally brilliant and very optimistic,Wali  is excellent and music is heart touching.In my words , 

Reidi Gull is melodious  song from Pakhton Khawan, sang with  full heart,will take you  in a totally different world with a very high energy and powerful music.

The thing I love most about their music is The Raabab,which is a very ancient instrument found primarily in Afghanistan but in India is common in Kashmir.I personally,  love its sound .I just love it . It take me to some other world .(for more about Rabab click here )and in this specific  song Reidi Gul,the  band beautifully  mixed traditional Rabab with drums and modern instrument , and it really worked. 

For more,visit their Face book fan page 

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  1. Okay, Okay, I'll go first, Izdiher! In this rather lengthy blog post a couple things occurred to me.

    When you feel passionate about something--you give to it your ALL, girl! That speaks SO well of you, your loyalty to those you admire/like!

    Also, if ever I would like a biography written, YOU would be my choice--grin! I have now seen how you research every particle of the subject/topic. And you glowingly write of what you have chosen.

    Maybe I comment more another time here, but for now that is enough. I always--yes, ALWAYS--enjoy learning from your postings, Izdiher, Friend!

  2. Thanks, your words mean a lot to me .What about the song ? did yo like it ?

    I want to edit it help me and tell me in my mail. OK :)


  3. Guess I have to admit to you, my friend: I prefer a band with at least one girl. Maybe because I never enjoyed hanging out with just men. Never.

    More about that if you ask...NO GRIN!

  4. the guy with a suit is cute!

    haha taliban poor guy.

    you really like this band dont you?


  5. @ Steve,we have just one rock band where they gave girl .It is kinda underground and they are husband and wife .Other wise there is no one .

    @Chick Flick Journal,actually I like the Rabbab most so I like that band .