Thursday, May 19, 2011


Summer in Karachi is always HOT.It is fucking mad  hot this time  .I wanna go to some exotic beach in  sexy bikini........... 

.......and  jump into in

........... and swim :).

Or play Volley ball .(Just imagine my  sporty!!!).

We always have hot and humid  summers.Lazy days,long nights .Lots of sunblock and lose lawn dresses.Kolapuri slippers ,and sunglasses.No makeup and hair tight in bun .I got two pathetic pimples on my fore head. Lemonade and sugar cane  juices ,Falsay , Mangoes and Kulfi (ice creams).

 This year spring did not stay so long . It's  just  May and  we are Hot Hot. Sun is burning scorching  its light  on us. Some time there is  no breeze to cool us .I am waiting for rain, so we get some cooling.I can not understand that when we have sea then why it is so damn hot?My meteorology(whatever ,is the name of that weather study) is so poor .I don't know,honestly how does weather works,lol.Yeah , me bimbo.

All I know is that my city is  located on the coast of the Arabian Sea,and highly influenced by the changes that comes in it, as a result has a relatively mild climate.  In summer temperatures soar to as high as 45 degrees Celsius.Jut like today's .It will remain like that till August . June 21 would be longest day and one of my cousin birthday is on that day.People, who are born in May and June are Geminis .I have good  rapport with them .They are active and like-me.I hate proudy Leos.

Usually, people stays at home during day time ,when sun gets at its peak and comes out in evening.Stays out till late nights. Getting up late is also  a culture here .I remember, my Aunt always keep her window properly covered with curtains , from Zuhar(12:30 pm )to Asar time(4:30) ,so that sun's heat could not get in side the  home.It works.Home stays cool .I don't have A.C ,so I do same thing .But,yet its  long  days  makes  it   very  enjoyable  to go  places  and  do more   outdoors. I love sun  and getting tan.

And what about volley ball? Well,today, when I was  removing curtain in evening ,I saw few young girls playing volley ball out side  .I  used to play like these young  girls.I can see them clearly from my window .I am in no mood of reading or writing.

I would love to do swimming, or play volley ball.

These kids  are reminding me my old school days . I was  one of those children, who never wanted to come back home. Just playing, all day long in summer. I have played VB,and other sports  till my 7th grade .I wanna do it again.Volleyball is an active sport  .I always want to play it.Sexy thing ,lol.

I am not an athlete neither have that type of body  ,nor I am trying to be one.But I love out doors and enjoy playing anything  ........................walking at night .I do it with my sis ,sometime,if she is not studying .She is biggest nerd on this planet .When ever, I want to go for walk she says "I'm studying! I have exams! "Boring ,in simple words .All her life, she do study . I always ask her why does she  study so much when  she is  such a damn good student ? I mean, come on ,if you are good student,then don't study !

My sport teachers always loved me .I was ready to play anything .Hope Sir Simon, is doing well these days.I heard he had left St.Judes. I tell ya,till I played  ,my grades were good.In St.Patric high school,I was more into books,novels,news letter and my grads dropped from A-1 to B. Yup,in St.Judes ,I was A-1 student.In Karachi University ,Gym was choke full with sweating boys.

I desperately want to go  out ,hahahha but I am girl ,and I am no more 12 year old little girl  . I'm 25 year old women.And,if  I go out, who will be my competitor? I mean, with whom I be playing? It need at least two people to play  volleyball.Women  playing sports is so less here ,very few .Either they have full family support or  they are rich girls .

I  don't wanna go to gym,either  .Rich people goes to Gym . Their membership is outta my league, and why on this earth I play sports in closed club ?I want  open air, big ground .Anyway,who knows, pig might get wings .

Oh, from two days electricity has not gone. Crazy KESC .I am so scared .Is something bad gonna happen?Electricity goes here for every 1.5 hours, three time a day.Schedule thing and from two days .................NO!


How many of you like getting tan at beach, naturally and what's your favorite summer  sport?

P/s : Today is hottest day of the year in Karachi by far . 45degree Celsius ,humidity 17.3%,huh.  



  1. Here in the north of Spain still does something cool. I am also looking forward to the time of going to the beach. A kiss

  2. Izdiher, I really love your blog, as you DO write just what you think, just in the WAY you think it. REFRESHING!

    And absolutely enjoyed "When Pigs Fly" or "wings on pigs" etc. YOU are a Chica!

    I'm in a hurry now, will write more later or tomorrow, because I LIKE this post! Be Happy, Be at PEACE, if the will of Allah (and it is!)

  3. How come no charger? Because (electric) power is off? Out of money? Yu GO to be charging your phone, otherwise why HAVE one?

    I would be lost without my DROID. I takes me most places in the world for 2 cents/minute. (Not counting the $155/month subscription fees--grin!

    Goin to bed now...had a GREAT day. You wanna hear about it?

  4. Forget about the charger. I wanna hear about your day ,everything !

    P/s : Thanks for loving my blog .

  5. Sorry about all the fighting, shooting, bombing, looting in the south. I don't believe a country EVER "gets used to it".

    Maybe the US SHOULD just get out of there, leave you Peeps alone, to fix the problems YOUR way.

    Wherever we go to solve problems, we seem to bring MORE problems WITH us. Why don't we just stay at home. Out taxes would go way down, for one thing. Blah blah blah!!!

    Take care, babe!

  6. I know what you mean. I love the summer I guess here its not as bad as Pakistan. Try to cool off by the pool or beach. You'll feel better. That diving picture is amazing!

  7. @ Steve, huh, some one understand. I am glad ,honestly.That is what I said.

    @ Chick flick Journal ,thanks sweetie but here,there ,where ?lol.

  8. Iz, did you write that header piece? "Speak softly, etc...? It is exceptionally GOOD!

  9. NOOO ! This is an Indian song .It is it's translation, word by word. .I will post the link.You will like it too .