Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shut up and thank us

I can not believe that some people would be that cold that instead of thanking us,they are  suspecting us that we has been playing a double-game over Islamist militants and al-Qaida. We really had no idea who idiot was living there,geggit? Lets say, our intelligence was not that smart as yours but for God sake don't gimme  crap that we did nothing .We cooperate as much as we could,and honestly, no one knows that Bin Laden __the great puppet was living there .

Like,law makers  are questioning that how could  he was  living in a populated area without anyone in authority knowing about it, possibly for years?So dear, the answer is  No one know that The neighbors did not know that either .Technically he was your imaginary character,you concoct him , hide him ,found him and then killed him .You were answer able to your public and the whole world for the mess you created. And,  till end they made him mystery ,especially dumping his body in sea and by the way, there is no sea in  Abbottabad,Lmao.And Abbottabad is not a blind city .Anyway,I am not going in the guessing game .I don't care who he was and where he is now.All I am pissed at how un thankful behavior of  some people   to our sincere  help  .So don't ask us.

And congratulation, Mr.Obama ,your next presidential election's victory is confirmed .Your people are gonna love you unconditionally.They will definitely vote for you.After all, you are   their hero.You saved this world (with our cooperation ) Wallah, Obama be president again .

For everyone information ,especially those never-thankful people, whose mouth are always open to insult us ,the killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. forces was not a joint operation with Pakistan .He was their pain in ass ,so they did it, with our permission but on their own .We just help them, like partners and cooperators ,OK.We are against terrorism .We are fighting war against terrorism  for whole world ,and all blame is on us.

We have our interests,too.Do you know,what other militant parties saying that they will attack us(Pakistan) that we helped you ,and has become their enemy.Uffff,God,what a world ??If we help US ,we bad and if we support others, we are monsters .Where do we go in this world?

And why would we give you information ?You say where his body is? And mind it,we are not gonna  prove to the US that  we  did not know bin Laden was hiding here.Now,you shut up and thanks us that we let you do this.Otherwise,if he was in Iran it would be your dream to be hero like that.

He was a continuing threat to the US and  if he was an""honest terrorist(which I think he is not )"" then mess cleaned,so  morally you should leave us alone and don't eff our sovereignty . Can I take his death with a question  as  are we  free now? Because ,of all these Al-Qeda' s stupidity drama ,we are actual victims of terrorism and despite that we take every action against militants,Obama did not say one single word for those  many  shaeed Pakistani  soldiers, two thousand police officers, as many as 30,000 innocent civilians have been died  for this ONE RETARD__Bin ladein .And only Allah knows till how long we will have to fight for them ?

We Pakistani has nothing to do with him(Al-Qaeda ).He was hiding here ( God knows from whose permission ) and we paid heavy price for it . We never view him as a hero,ever. We fought for them and no single word for my  brothers and sisters :(!!!!Just because some people died in 9/11,so that we  have to  suffered and sacrificed .What about us ,we die in bomb and doner attacks every month?And don't know when this retardness be finish  forever ,and we Pakistani be free from this viscous circle.

Just after this operation,we had blast in Charsada .

So now, your drama finished, congratulation .You cleaned the mess,bravo.Now, back off and let us live .


  1. With respect to your feelings...this is an emotional time for you. And for me.

    Two things I do not understand.

    1. I don't know anyone personally who dislikes you or your nation.

    2. Could you not have a little compassion for us killing the man who authored airplanes to dive headlong into buildings--and not to mention those 'attacks' which were foiled that day. My country was attacked so personally. Forgive us if we feel a bit of elation over this action.

    3. You say US should back off and let you live. Do you not want/need the $7.5 Billion this year from us? Some of us have nothing either--well, a computer--grin!--and yet our country is sending annually billions dollars to many countries, I never know for why...but I suppose we reap some benefit from that also.

    You call me/us "unthankful"...for what gifts are we unthankful? I feel your pain--without understanding it.

    So PLEASE be at PEACE this evening. OK?

  2. By the way--you have met one (me) who would NEVER vote for O'Bama--grin! He is the worst president I've seen.

    And I go back to Roosevelt (WWII), lots of presidents...

    Obama is most certainly trying to ruin our country...why cannot the Peeps see that?

    Good luck, may our Creator smile on you.
    (Sorry for double-dipping!)

  3. Man it is not for you .I did not call YOU un thankful ,OK .I am talking about those law maker who suspecting our sincere help and MR Obama who did not say one word to countless Pakistani who dies in this stupid war against Bin Ladin .

    They give fund to shut the mouth of governments and do what ever they wan to do.If they will not fund us how could they do such a massive operation .This was going on for so long .

    Why would I say something to innocent Americans who don't know there is another world/country out side USA .I know politics better than you people.

    Don't take things personally .It will be no good for people living in 1st class country .Just enjoy and sleep well and safe .Bin Ladin is gone :)

  4. and THANK A BILLION for comments .I love them .I am so glad :)

  5. Hope this will end soon, cuz we really are not ready for a war! :( that's sooo sad!

  6. INSALLAH,and it has to be .It has effect us a lot .Thank Meryem for your comment .

  7. I am sorry you deleted your comment to my blog. I do understand though. We Americans DO know a lot about politics around the world. The only thing we do not know--we are rather in denial--is that most of the world HATES us, as a country. (And of course...that is THE most important thing!)

    Recently I was in Spain, and even in a small town, alone, people went out of their way to help me--but I SMILE (most of the time--grin!)...

    SURE I take it personally when one man orders planes to crash into buildings, killing c.3.000 unarmed people. That memory dies slowly.

    I apologize if I sounded rude to you in earlier comment, because I wish to follow your blog in peace, realizing that our interests are not forever going to be in alignment.

    A question: When you speak of your Higher Power, do you refer to Allah, as I might refer to God? The name is not in the least bothersome to me. I cannot believe that would be a hindrance to our discourse.

    Is your language Urdu?

    آپ انگریزی بہت اچھا لکھتے ہیں. کیا آپ بھی بولتے ہیں؟

    Is that clear to you? Do you speak English as well as you write?

    I come in peace. I wish to stay in peace. It is not danger I fear. It is FEAR I fear...and so yes, I AM a happy Peep! Got sober 37 years ago, been happy--maybe crazy?--grin! ever since!

    Allah smiles upon you, Izdiher. Ha! I don't even know if you are female or male. It does not matter, but that funny thought just popped into my head

  8. Sir,I delete those comment for some other reasons .I don't like arguments with any one .Those were my point of view and that was my angle of the post that Obama did not say us anything and law matter questioning us .

    I hate Bin Ladin .He is no one hero .I hate all these stupid terrorist or what ever they are .They are killing my normal people who has nothing to do with these buggers .I HATE THEM ALL. They are liars and brings bad name to us .Some says they are paid by US . What ever!! I don't know .You can read my previous post where I have criticized my own people .

    Yes, you people know a lot about politics around the world( other countries) but not of your own worlds (country).Most American don't know other side of the picture.I think too much poking in to others business make people hate USA .

    Usually people don't hate each other on normal basis ,like you said when you were in Spain.

    Sure you take that personally.I am sorry . I was so dumb and bimbo at that time and I used to call it """World ka Trade ""!!So I have no much information about 9/11 .All I know that these attacks don't happen without higher authorities permission .I (Pakistan) have good history about bomb blast and many happens with government and higher authorities permission .So no government is angle .They did that(9/11) for purpose and you can see now what's going on out side the USA .

    You did not sound rude .I know it not your fault .I am so sorry if I write some thing wrong or rude.

    Answer :YES,when I speak of Higher Power, I do you refer to Allah, as you refer to God but simple thing is that ""EVERY ONE GOD IS SAME GOD .JUST DIFFERENT NAME .Your God and My Allah is one same thing funny ha.. :)????

    Again yes, my language is Urdu.It was clear to me and you write Urdu so well .Do you speak it as well as you write :) ?

    Thanks a lot for your kind word and time .I am glad from the core of my heart .Stay in peace. I am sure you are happy Peep.

    I am 25 year old female.:) Does it matter, lol ?

  9. @Dilan Dilir same to you babe .Take care :).

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