Friday, July 1, 2011


Got married at rich family can not make anyone rich. I did not liked her comment on my dress. If she thinks her in-laws are rich and modern then she is totally wrong. They are twisted. Half religious and half modern makes them shit .And to be very honest, no one was giving her shit.It was only she meeting everyone. Trying to be mingle with them .The time we entered she said" why didn't you wear the dress I bought for you?"

Her expensive dress! I just ... nothing specific .I have had worn that at Niikah ,so I don't want to repeat it .Making it wedding party uniform.OK, thank you so much .Alla'ah will give ajaer for it .Jazak Allah khair. You dress is most  and only expensive dress I have,which cost 2,000 PK rupees. It is also my fault I showed her my stuff..But I did that for no reason with merriment.It did not occurred me hat she would gave me something expensive.If only I knew that I would have kept my excitement controlled.

And the thing I wore last night, cost me some 600 PK rupees.Which I made for Faith's engagement party.I still remember how I bargain that . It was originally for 800.It is not long ago.Just 4 months back. My good luck !Every one liked that . I was so psyched for my sister and we arrange that small engagement part at home, so it worked.Nothing occurred me that time.

I just forget that last night wedding party would be rich ! They all were filthy and expensive .But it was only she who noticed that. It is all Papa and Ammi's fault .They also wears simple and plain dresses.I never saw my parents  wearing expensive cloths or spending money on make up and accessories.It has passed on to me .Whatever .This is not their fault.My pay is not that much either .I am  thankful to Allah for ,at least I can cover my self.I am seriously happy for what every I have . I am comfortable,by all means.

I should be careful.My bad!The other Red dress is so tight no. For get my getting fat drama (read here).And  on the other hand,economically everything is so supper high. Prices are touching sky .Things which were cost 400/-,  just last couple of month has reached up to 800/-. Food, petrol, electricity ,cloths, houses,everything.This country has entered into the state of hyper inflation .

I never interested in going t that wedding.I know no one over there.She said we would be only from her side and I  embarrassed.I wish I go so far to the jungle and dance nude!

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  1. damn i hate this kind of ppl :( they make us feel bad grrrr