Friday, August 12, 2011

يوميات بنت مصرية

Today, I am gonna introduce you Hadeel Mesbah,who is one of  my   inspiration in blog writing .Her blog was first even blog I started reading.She used to write in English back then,but now she is more comfortable and more cool in Arabic.I think this is a wise thing she did. Writer should write in her comfort lingo .In this way they  can express their self  pretty better.

She has just started her new group page on the Facebook.It would be great if you join it. There are oodles of awesome  stuff   .She is very active over there.

Her Facebook page : ( click this !  )

Her blog   is here ! 


  1. mashaAllah, nice blog! thanks for visiting mine too!

  2. Thanks for introducing her blog. I know that you speak, write, read Urdu, but I'm curious whether you can read Arabic

  3. hi :)
    thank you for let us know about her blog , it's nice to know new friend in this blog world :)

  4. thank you Izdiher for introducing her. I am off to check her blog and Facebook group :)

  5. Well I would totally read her blog if I understand/could read arabic. Too bad I can't :/

  6. I don't know how to thank you.

    Thanks to all of you :)