Monday, August 15, 2011

A to Z

This is a  first time I have been tagged by  any blogger.Two  bloggers  tagged  me.Psyched.*A-z stuff  is good way of defining  one self,despite the fact it is quite lengthy .Others would know about us,if they read it.I pretty enjoyed it .I hope those who have been tagged would do it with pleasure.

Bloggers   who tagged me is Chick Flick Journal & Silla .

CHF,  is so much near to my heart because she  was/is  my first ever follower.Her comments always makes me smile .Love you ,Chick.

Silla, is so sweet and always there for me. I talk  with her about my personal issues freely .She is cute girl to hang around. I never feels hesitate to talk with her about anything .Love you ,Silla.

Enough buttering  up.Now back to business.

Note : In the end  of it I have tagged almost everyone .Follow ME !  I will tag you ,lol.


– Available:Depend on man.

 – Age:Silver Jubilee Queen (25).
– Animals: Besides human,I like rabbits,dogs and horses. 

– Beer:    I ain't a wino ,man.
– Best friends:    ***** Jan  .
– Body Part on opposite sex:   Hand .I like man with strong  hands . Their grip.Their eyes and curly hair,too.Oh ,smell also.
– Best feeling in the world:    When  *** loves me.
– Best weather:    Monsoon Rain.And right now we are having Monsoon rain .So Yay ! Enjoying it .Loving it
– Been in Love:    Yes.
– Been on stage:  No.
– Believe in Magic:   No.
– Believe in Santa:  Santa is fat and fake .
– Brand:    Nothing Specific.

– Candy:  Love them .

– Color:Aqua, Pink ,Lemon, Yellow, and Sky Blue.
– Chocolate/Vanilla:Vanilla.
- Chinese/Indian/Italian:....American.
- Cake or pie: Cake.
– Cheese: French.Use them frequently. 

– Day or Night: Night has its own romance .Day is bright . So both.
– Dancing in the rain: Not yet.

– Eyes:    Door to heart .
– Ever failed a class:   Not  in class specifically,but yes, had been flunked out  in subject and many   entry test for universities.
– Enemies: My strength .I love them.
– Exercise:Hate it. 

– First thoughts waking up:Oodles of work to do .God help me .
– Food: Love them but avoid them :( ,Especially Fast Food.French fries, burgers, spring rolls...all fried stuff .Fried fish .Their smell .Don't ask :( They makes me crazYYYY! 

G – Greatest Fear:Nothing
– Get along with your parents: Yes 

H– Hair Color:   Currently dark brown .
– Happy:   Yes,by the grace of Allah
– Holiday:  Blessing. 

– Ice Cream:   Eat it before it get melts. 

– Jewelry:  Girls best friend.
– Job:   Doing and loving  it ,Masha Allah. 

– Kids:    I want 10.
– Kickboxing or karate:    Kick boxing!Because Karate is a loser thing .
– Keep a journal:   Yes . 

– Love:  is actually a verb .An ability to do it .It is not a feeling, OK? Felling is a noun .We do love ,not feel love.
– Laughed so hard you cried:    Not yet, 

- Milk flavor:   Wanna throw up !
– Movies: are larger than life.
– Motion sickness: YUck ! 

– Number:   7 

– One wish:  That all my wishes come true. 

– Perfect Pizza:  Cheeses  pizza,New York Style pizza,and White pizza with out tomato sauce.
– Pepsi/Coke:    What's the different between them?Both are Black.
– Perfume/Cologne: Perfume. 

Q– Quail:  I guess you have nothing for Q .By the way ,every bird is not pretty .And these Quail  are quite weird birds.


– Reason to cry:  When I get hurt or dis appointed.
– Reality T.V: are fake but good time pass.Before I use to adore them .Some of them were  American Idol, Top model,Master chef Australia,Jersey shore,Big Boss.
– Radio Station:  Jango,an online radio. 

– Song:  I do listen so many songs .So list is kinda lengthy .
– Shoe size:   35.I have small feet.
– Salad Dressing:  No they are my enemies.Because they cause  weight gain . I prefer plain salad of pure   vegetables  ,like : onion and cucumber ,green stuff ,etc etc.Chillies, too.
– Skinny dip: Have done.
– Strawberries/Blueberries:  Non.Not a berry person.
– Sport:  Volley ball, badminton ,cycling ,horse riding,soccer  and swimming.
- Sex:  is fantasy .Addiction. 

– Tattoos:  Not yet but want one at my neck"butterfly ",something.
– Thunderstorms:   God is yelling .So shut up and listen him. 

– Unpredictable: Yes.,I am .Some time when I got high I do unpredictable stuff.They are  so wacko. 

– Vacation spot(s):  Turkey: I  want to see Istanbul,Ankara  and many beaches of it .Especially  that part where two-continents get meet .All Middle East : Jordan , Syria , Saudi  deserts . North Africa : Morocco,Tunis , Egypt , Libya ,Israel ,as well.And all Europe. 

– Weakness:    Slackness.Just that .
– Who makes you laugh the most:P:   Many.Lots of joker around me.
– Worst Weather:    Hmm, nothing actually .Only summer  at its peak and humidity.Usually I love Summer .

– X-Rays:  NOt yet .


-Year it is now: 2011
-Yellow: One of my best love color.It so sunny and so bright .I love it .


–      Zoo animal:Poor creature in cage.For other animals(us).But I like Giraffes, Loin and Monkey .


Like I said in that  above note I have tried to tagged almost every one .If any one  has been  left then pardon me .Do it .I love you !

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  1. Wo0w This Is fun..!!!
    Really It's A Game And I Knew Little Info's About You :D
    And I Was Tagged To0 Yaaaaaay :D

  2. Since 'anonymous' is not on list of tags, this will comment on several of yours:

    Enemies: is power. Good answer.

    Fear: Admire your answer. Honest.

    Best Friends: Faith, and what is *****Jan

    Dancing in Rain: No? Why not? It is raining!

    Tat: the neck. also ankle? also that part only seen by people as you walk away from them

    Eyes: Door to the heart (and soul?)

  3. yeeeey as i thought that you're a sensitive, nice girl so your answers reflected these too :)
    but why is Israel ??

  4. I liked your answer :) lol the one about the santa made me LOL :D I had to actually look very hard to see if I was tagged - thankyou :) I might do it though I dunno when :p

  5. nice post Izdiher :) and nice to personally get to know you too! :) thanks for the tag

  6. Awww thank you love for the cutest introduction! Thank you so much for replying to my tag xx love you babe.

    MashAllah I didn’t know you were 25.
    I love hands too
    Haha Santa is a fat fake
    I love “eyes door to heart”
    I love fried stuff too!
    MashAllah I want 6-8 hehe Kids I mean:p
    Haha I love your love answer:p
    you tried skinny dipping before?! Really? How was it :o
    sex addiction OMG haha

    I like the pictures on the side and WOW you did tag a lot:p

  7. loved getting to know you better! :)

    I'm happy to hear you have a job that you love. you're lucky mashalla

  8. hi :D
    it's nice to know you more about your personality :)
    i can say you are very dreamy girl :D
    and very romantic one .

  9. Wooo, is this game? Extremely fun.. Can I make my answer on my next post? =D
    Btw thanks for the tag, Izdiher. No wrong if i tell you that you're soooo sweet. Glad to know you. :)

  10. I enjoyed your perspective on love :)

  11. Learned a bit more about you, Izdiher! You like to enjoy life (skinny dipping, unpredictability, and a romantic (eyes and the best feeling in the world, definition of love, and that you want 10 children), and you like nature (rain, animals, and the colour yellow).

    Might try this some time!

  12. Awesome blog :) love your answers

  13. girl i love u!! n u r the sweetest girl ever :* *HUGS*


  14. wowww... did u tag me, dear?? just knew it, so sowy! :p

    but pardon me, u wrote my name wrong, dear.. it should be 'ichabeldarmawan' instead of 'chabeldarmawan' :)

    inshaAllah, i ll post it, soon dear Izdiher.. :)

    love, icha x

  15. Thx for tagging me :)
    I just read all ur post after longer absence from Blogger, inshallah i will manage to comment on ur other posts too .
    And i love ur new Blog design, its so sweet :)