Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rain : Follow up

Oh,God !  This holy month of Ramadan(Fasting) is going so fast. Can not believe that morrow  is 15th of Ramadan. 15 more days of fasting then celebration (Eid festival :) ). After monsoon rains weather has got pretty better. Everything is quite exquisite. It is fifth season. Season of love. These rains  making it more easy. Mood is good.  Every thing is pretty clean. I love getting wet in it.

I steal a digi cam  from my younger bro. He is out, lol .Would not be back till Ifftar. Never mind its quality or my bad photo shots. I am pretty dump with cameras .

Only thing I could not make this Ramadan is Taraweeh prayer. Yes, I wanted this year. But  we have a  small Masjid just for men ,and there is no set up for women. To be very honest, women going to Masjid ain't a culture here. From last five years, some pals are trying to arrange a set up  at big halls or in big Masjid, but  in my area there is no such thing. All Masjid are choke full with men. Anyway, insaha Allah next year, this month, somewhere, I be doing it.

Papa is not driving so he could take us over there. He has also turned down Ifftar parties invitation from his friends. He is not well. Last September, just after one week of Eid, we moved to this place & every thing was real  good. We were feeling OK, and one fine day he  had an horrible accident.Things got better and healed but now he is having complications. Some thing at his back neck bugging him. Doc says it was inevitable. His current x-ray report is  saying that it is some freaking cervical spondolysis .

After medicines he is feeling better, Alhumd Allah and went to office today after one week gap. I get worried for him easily. He is already not very healthy man.  He is quite responsible for it. Should not put oily and high cholesterol stuff in his stomach. Now is pretty under weight.  Age 53 looks like some 60 old man.His blood makes cholesterol, so apparently. He can not touch red meat, oil things, etc etc.

I did my shopping yesterday day. Already I have had bought many stuff for my relative's summer wedding in July, so not doing psycho shopping this time. Keeping money tight ,lol. You peeps have no idea how inflation is  going on over here. It is touching sky. And especially in  festivals  month they (shop keepers) have gone crazy. I heard, around the world, just take  Christmas time, sales started but with us this is high time for looting people. River flows revers here .

Stuffs which were 400 are now 800. Foods material  are otta range from many people. Only Middle class peeps  know how to make both end meets. Rich does not get effect with these things. Food, petrol, electricity, cloths, houses, everything. This country has entered into the state of hyper inflation .

Papa always gives us money for Eid shopping. This time he did it too.

I bought one  un stitch dress piece. It's in light Aqua  with some Pink, some Purple and  Golden print. My Seamstress, is so quick. She will make it done in 3 or  4 day :). And guess what she is next door neighbor to me. I do hear her sewing machine voice at sahor time, as well. Her skills is awesome. I am pretty happy and satisfied with her work .

Makeup: You can see makeup sponge, eye liner (Aqua Germany), compact face power (Ulta -light to medium brown shade ), I have done one post about it (read here! ), Blush on (Maybelline  -light mauve), lipstick (local brand- diamond pink ) and some make up brushes set. These there those thing which has been finished. And I wanted them . Yes, I am not throwing money .

My skin is not so good these days. Dark circles are because  over does of kohl pencil. Addiction ,babe.No, I am not on drugs.Always clean.People always ask when I go out with out black kohl pencil around my eyes. Are you taking drugs ? Wallah, NO ! Hope you ggegeit, and would not embarrass me.It is also an strange fact that I get pretty high with out using them.

Jewelery : I saw these rings and got three set of them .One is not that Ring  .What is right word for these stuff?

ClutchBag in silver color .Going well with my dress.


  1. Ela you're VERY lucky, ana wa7da ma sharait WALA SHAY.

  2. Sheikha said that she didn't buy nothing.
    as for me I bought a tee shirt , shirt and pantalon for my little son as for the big son he go with his friends and make shopping by him self. all ur description for ur country is the same here in Egypt , it's the high season and rich people can not feel this either, same same as Pakistan.
    wish u a happy Eid sis. and wish that ur father become better, I had problems too on my back and neck, as for cholesterol u must cook with olive oil very useful for making cholesterol lower inshaallah.
    I do love rain too but we are summer here (so hot) hamdollelah.
    and (mabrouk or mubark) ur new staf,
    we also give our kids money the first day morning of the Eid after ( alsalat ) for buying sweets and have fun.

  3. Je rouge a lèvre , et le liner ! :D

  4. Ur dress cloths and earrings I like ,Izdiher .Papa ,get well insahAllah .I also dumb with cameras. Put ur money to saving ,under rug.

  5. oooh my deaaar!!what a beautiful post !!! sooo happy to see your make up .)
    kisses and hugs my lovely friend

  6. i love the dress piece! the colors are beautiful mashaAllah :)

    unfortunately I dont have time to go shopping and I need to go buy many things :( really dont know when I'll go

  7. Everything looks so lovely. I love the dress. I think the earrings you're referring to are called hoop earrings, and I think the other one is called dangle earrings. And your eyeliner on top of your eyelid looks great!

  8. Busy Day! Love the rain too, thought too many is a bit tiring (we have a lot of rain around here!!)
    Will do the A-Z later on my blog - thanks.

  9. Yay shopping shopping and shopping hehehe! Mashallah, you lipstick goes so well with your lips! I never use one before, hehe I don't know how to apply it plus my lips are very dry and skin peel off :( Glad you enjoy your days!

  10. my prayers go with your dad :)
    mashallah you've done with the eid's shopping <<<<< me is tooo lazy even to think about what do i need before going to
    my mom asked me to take a look about the " still have the price tag on them " things that i have :P

  11. at least you shopped! cute stuff. I just got myself make up too