Monday, September 5, 2011

Some equation .

Disclaimer; This is just for fun. Don't take it to your heart. Any similarities are purely coincidental. No ones husband is dumb, and no woman is stupid. I just did my calculation, and could be wrong . I am pretty bad at maths.

Affairs are always between smart people. They met. Have great  fun and fling. Get bored after some time , and  move on. Because they both are pretty smart  and repels each other. Simple! Don't need much of my two cent over here. These peeps are  more into  having-fun-type relationship  rather than commitment ones.When they break up they feel more free, and more happy . For them sky is the limit. Due to their smartness they are never short of partners .

Second equation is more simpler. He is smart,and  had good time without condom. You are dumb. So, you got pregnant. You did not say a word. He was  pretty smart, and got what ever he wanted from you . It sometime goes further than pregnancy, some time these type of smart creature  make woman fool, take  her  money, use them, etc,etc. It is pretty common everywhere .

This world is choke full with these type of stupid women and smart men. These women are hopeless in love and don't act .

On the contrary, smart men are active;  mentally and physically, and  gets what they are looking for. Dumb woman  never takes initiative in anything, and waste most of their time in thinking , " He loves me ?...He loves me not? '' In the end they cry and beat themselves up. No matter how pretty and cute you are, men don't like dumb women for long term. Maybe for a month or  6 month. Not more than that.

Romance is for losers, and always amid dumb people. No defense. I  am one of them. So it never last for longer. Nothing happens between them. It gets rotten, and more boring by the passage of time. They wait for each other to start something. Meanwhile, in this waiting period time passes, another smart woman comes and takes the dumb man with her. Their love story finish over   here.

Last but not least . This is a set of those people who are married. Have not you  saw  all married men are dumb? Or if they were not dumb before marriage but  they would  become one after marriage, because it is some fact that "men are intimidated by smart  women."  Marriage is long term commitment where man wants  a smart chic to spend the rest of his  life.

Stereo types  consider  dumb as   fun. There is a vast different between fun and dumb.  Some women pretend to be funny dumb, but actually they are smart .You never know. They might make that stupid man happy and every one wants to be happy. However, such women are not so dumb. And man also becomes dumb in front of smart woman.

OK on serious note : Man like those women who are  confident and knows them self, speaks their mind, so they  end up with smart one. Who could   talk, interact, and have their own self. I am not talking about successful business women.

Smart is smart : Characterized by sharp quick thought, bright,amusingly clever, witty, canny and shrewd in dealings with others. Some one who takes initiative and risk and doesn't care much about what the world or society is thinking or carping about them. They just go about winning the game at hand, whatever it may be. They’re cool. They’re confident. When they speak, other  listens. She is the one who wears paint in this equation .

And perfect for marriage . She orders, he follows. Peace at home. Marriage stays last for ever .They live happy after forever .The end.

Moral of the post  : If you want to end up.......... be smart .Find a dumb man .

Enjoy !


  1. LOL!! the best advice ever

    "If you want to end up.......... be smart .Find a dumb man"

  2. LOL :D Couldn't agree more, I always tell B, listen to what woman say coz woman know what's the best and that woman is ME :P I could be very bossy sometimes, still I would always let B be the man who decide. I think the key to success relationship is tolerance and patient :)

  3. lol I read this when i 14 years of age and it has always stuck with me. loved the concept and I do agree with aseel best advice ever on to find a dumb guy:p

  4. I think I'd rather be a smart women than a dumb one!

  5. How fun it was to read you - Great Post
    Would agree with C, I'm giving the same answer to my husband "in most areas women know better" but at the end we both respect each others ideas.

    Have a bright and lovely Monday!

  6. Smart man is he who 'dumb-like-fox'...

    So Izdiher, smart girl--as you are-- beware of smart man who acts dumb. It hard to tell the diff between acting and real (dumb!)

    ALSO: Smart woman will let man think he is the smart one! "Me, Tarzan -- You, Jane!"

    Remember who gave the apple to whom?

    PEACE and JOY...always!

  7. Love the comment "smart is smart." Made me smile. ;)

  8. Haha love this :P Sounds true to me.

  9. interesting blog
    I love the cursor =)

  10. Haha cool post. I've read this before, but it's still funny.

    Thanks for the sweet comment dear! So cute! We're now following your blog too!

  11. Aw! I am not sure How i feel about this :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I absolutely loved visiting yours! Your header is fantastic! What an image.

  12. hahaha..I was laughing while reading your post..for me honestly it is not on who is dumb or smart..because if you want a relationship to work out then learn to keep it..sometimes it won't matter much if who is smarter but sometimes when I am in-love I become less smarter wahhhhhhhh :)

  13. Lol...loved to read your post, it was funny. But let me tell you, I don't want to say my hubby is dumb. He is smart. ;)

  14. Funny Post - It made me laugh! I like to think I am smart and I like to think my husband is smart (that is why he chose me haha!) Unfortunately I don't always manage to get my own way because he tries to outsmart me - I thought it was the woman who always got what she wanted! Anyway it works well for us and that is the main thing. Karima :)

  15. This advice made me LOL! It's good to be a smart woman!

  16. Your tagged lady!! ;p

  17. it seems that i'm smart hehehe

  18. Kudos to you on this insightful post. Its brilliant!

  19. This is super cute! I def think I am dumb man + smart woman ~ I'm getting married next year =) Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm your newest follower!! I love your pictures too.

    ♥ Shia