Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I just finished making garma garam Rotiyan or dinner with Chicken Karhai. It is a South Asian bread made from stone ground wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta flour, that originated and is consumed in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Some calls it chapati & some roti .

To puff is my dream, but today, by chance they turned out fine. Neither soft, nor puffed. Just fine! Actually, my roti making ain't that good. That is why I preferred making dishes/ meals with rice. They are soft and yummy. My rice meal are nerve over cooked or wet. I know when to drain water and how to make pallaow with it. Egg rice for when I am in so much hurry.

Noo....Not because I am a South Asian something. It is my personal choice. Roti are good when some one else makes it . Especially Tandori chapati or Afgani naan  from shops. Some woman are perfect in making round soft roti.Mostly my mother cooks .Kitchen is her territory .  And by the way, Roti making is an art .

It needs lots of practice. First mix flour, salt and water together to make a soft dough  with addition of water.then make small balls. Your hands should be expert  roll it out . My shape is mostly the the map of Africa (recipe here). They are consider  healthier than rice. But it does not bother me. I love it so much .

There is basmati rice, which is widely used in almost every house hold. Some people like  jasmine rice, wehani rice, texmati rice, and other  rices because of their aroma.We eat it with curry, grill meat, veges, bla bla . Plaoww is some thing I can die for.

Never tasted brown rice. People makes lots of fuses that it is fattening. Hmm maybe, because it metabolizes into fat quite easily but  less fattening than other starchy carbohydrates such as bread, cereals, pasta, nuts, potatoes and sweet potatoes. It depends. In my case, I eat a place full of  rice almost everyday. Some time twice, with my hands ! LOL.

Of course it gains weight. I wish I have a Japaneses stomach. Have you seen those peeps? How smart and slim they are! Man, they eat rice oodles, almost with every  meals and they don't seem to gain  an ounce.  It is because of  their portions I reckon , which are  very small, otherwise it is impossible to be that doll like with rice. As rice is used  a lot here but our portion is  pretty enormous then them.

OK ..what else? I reached school 5 minutes late and lady-in-charged circled my name for being late .I just ..hmmm I felt so lazy  and  didn't get out of bed this morning. After past weekends of  working ,decorating class, and preparing result I am feeling the effects of over-worked or it is just a weather.

So, today I  get up late.Usually I wakes up at 6:50 automatically on weekdays. Thanks to my nerdy sister who sets alarm for 6:50 something. At exact time it beeps so loud and  shakes my soul. Now it has became habitual thing  and on weekends I mostly wake up around 8:00 or 8 :30 am.

My Sunday newspaper is still untouched. I want know what is going on, will be able to  write more about Pakistan and international politics in a mature way. However, E-papers are just OK. Can not replace paper's paper. Great to read magazine in bus.

Another reason  is that I want my blog to be accepted in few cataloged. Waiting for sisterhood, pakpostive and tea break to accept my blog. They want serious stuff.. I am not so sure whether they like my blog or not.It's been ages. Request is still in pending. Only  bloggers.com ...a place to meet million bloggers, accepted my blog to be cataloged.


  1. Rice is too good to be missed! When my husband is home, one full plate of rice for diner is normal. I got used to it and when I go home I always tell my mum "It's the only rice we have??"
    Love Jasmine and Basmati. Or cooked alone, or with lentils or with meat/fish. Or even on salads in the Summer.
    I ate more rice than ever in the past 3 years and I can't say I put on weight. You just have to make sure to eat other things besides.
    Enjoy your day Izdiher! xoxo

  2. You can cook, Lzdiher. I take rice everyday cos it's the staple food here. Beef or chicken curry is best taken with it. In order to avoid putting on weight, eat lots of green vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of plain water.

    It's interesting to know what youA go through in a day. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. Hi, I love rice too.. I also eat a lot of it, don't mind if it will double my weight,lols.. as long as I enjoy what is with the rice, no problem..lols.. especially when it was matched with a dried or fried fish and vegetables, oh my.. lols.. Thanks for sharing your favorite rice Izdiher! Nice to know all about it!:)

  4. I almost never eat rice and I'm Chinese haha. Not sure why I guess I just don't really like the taste and I'm scared of too many carbs. Hope you get accepted! Your blog is great :)

  5. Being half filipino, rice runs through my blood :) Thanks for your kind words on my post- following :) Much Peace~

  6. I'm also Asian. Filipinos love rice!
    But I'm not much with cooking.
    Would like it if you could post a few recipes of cooking with rice.
    Just a thought.



  7. hello sis..rice has always been a part of our main dishes here..Filipinos love to eat rice..and yes brown rice they say is much healthier but it can easily be spoiled if not properly cooked. Happy eating sis..just passing by with smiles and hugs ;)

  8. Nice post, feel hungry to read all about ur food stuff...lolz

    Honestly, am not rice lover :P, except biryani or fried rice..

  9. OMG your header picture is just stunning!! is it you on the photo? what an incredibly beautiful garden..
    your blog is amazing, congrats sweetie.
    would you like us to follow each other?

  10. Girl I love rice. Considering my hub is Indian we eat rice often.

  11. thanks sweetie, im following you now :)
    i hope you follow me back, kisses*


  12. Great post. I love rice!



  13. lol, i eat a lot of rice, i always feel better eating rice dishes than pasta dishes in a way that i feel "lighter", maybe that has something to do with the carb intake?

  14. I've been eating rice for my whole life. But ever since my mom has started cooking brown rice for the whole family (the reason is for healthy eating, she said), I'm not a big fan of rice anymore. I personally prefer potatoes for carb intake now.

    I love your post and you blog, dear. I'm following you now. I'd be flattered if you could follow me too :)

  15. Rice is very good and we also love Indian food as well as Asian.
    We love Japanese sushi with sticky rice. I always have most of the ingredients except the sea weed, otherwise I would make it for my son who would just gulp it down.
    Usually they say anything brown is healthier for you because it's not processed and has natural fibre in it. But I think you need to eat everything and not limit yourself to any one thing, for health.
    Have a great day!

  16. hi idhizer thank you for ur valuable comment..on my blog..very intresting blog you have here..took ur advice and i am nw following you via friend connect..


  17. Hi! Are you afghani? And yeah roti is the best, yum yum!
    Love your blog and thanks for commenting :) actually I dont have any followers or any blog traffic so please encourage people to read my blog, please!

  18. I hate rice. Though I envy the Japanese terribly too, for other reasons apart from their flat stomach :D They're cute too, na? :D
    And we south Asians are roti lovers :D

  19. hey gorgeous!
    you were featured on my blog today
    make sure you link up so your readers
    can see your post =D

  20. Hi! I am new to ur blog...really loved it..read several posts...
    talking abt rice...yes its really fattening actually! :p I too try to minimize rice intake...but cant help...its just too yummy!
    I make horrible rotis...Mom makes it beautifully and yummy..I too enjoy eating when someone else makes yummy rotis :p

  21. I think it's safe to say that rice is a naughty pleasure. ;) I love rice, and although I don't eat it every day I do eat it quite often. I think what's cool about rice is that it's incorporated into so many different cuisines and has a variety of ways you can cook it. :)

  22. i cannot live without rice!! personally, i like the taste of brown rice (although not everyone does):)

  23. You really don't want to hear this - being a south Indian its rice we eat three times everyday! Dishes made of raw rice in the morning, par boiled brown rice+veg curry+ sauteed veggies and/or non-veggies for lunch and dinner. I don't like rice much, but this is our culture and nobody thinks of eating anything else except for a change, once or twice in a week. And we cook basmati only once in a week, on weekends to make a biriyani or something special. So kerala (our place) is a 'rice only place'!!!

  24. Could definitely eat rice every day too! But yeah...so not good for the waistline. :) Have a good day!!

  25. My Dos Centavos...

    My blog name is really 'steveroni' and I got it from the product 'Riceroni' long years ago. It is a rice produced in US.

    I really enjoy looking at food photos, and you have a way with words, that shows your personality. Charming!!!
    Take care!
    PEACE! (I wish!)

  26. love ya too darling!
    make sure to email me
    if you want me to keep your button up


  27. mmmmm Looks delicious! A talented young lady you are Izdiher! My favourite blogging friend! Love and lots of kisses presh! Professor Barbie xxx

  28. Hey izdiher good to see u here @ the other end! I'm in love with ur template! One of my fav trees ;) and may I say .. I read ur post just after having breakfast.. And I "thought" I was full lol ! I'm craving rice and ur bread! May Allah bless ur hands for all the good food u made :)

    Keep it up! Will surely be back inshallah.

  29. I love rice, too!!!And your dishes look very delicious!!! That rice, in your picture, is very different from Japanese rice! I'd never eaten that kind of rice...

  30. YUM! that looks soo good, rice is my favourite.
    i really like your blog, now following :)

    share the love? eye_spy

  31. this is the same cusine that my grand mother does. she is turkish though


    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    come and say hi
    The Dolls Factory

  32. GOd ur roti is so goal and uffy :P I can neverrrrrrrrr imagine maikng one like ur's :P

    I loveeee rice and I eat them more than I eat roti and guess wht???? I dont gain weight =D *MASHALLAH* *Touchwood*

    5mins??? and she wrote ur name :O Wowwww I used to like half an hour :p I usually missed the assembly and stuff esp in winters :P

    I am an economics major student and I haven't touched newspaper in a while.. Shame on meeee :(

  33. rice in Egypt is a must plus bred who looks so similar to yours
    with vegetables, salad and some time meat or chicken or fish

  34. Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi t3ala wabarakatuhu,
    oh wow those rotis look perfecto! When I make them mines come out circle, but sometimes they puff, and sometimes dontt :(
    I checked the link, and now Ima try to follow that, and then will let you know how it does, jazakillah khair!

    And that palao looooks sooooooo delicious! mashaALLAH t3ala!

  35. that rice dish is soo mouth watering..u know what izdiher biryaani is something i can die for i m soo obsessed with it! and seems like ur a very good cook! :)

  36. Oh gosh, I'm fasting today, and these pictures made me quite hungry! :P

  37. in malay languange, we called it roti too ! =]

  38. i am no good in making anything. :(

  39. Ohhh my Goddddd, that meal looks delllicious! Wire me some, pretty pleeeeeeaaase :) The other night at like 10pm, I found myself cooking rice and meat! I cooked the meat well but it has a taste I don't like, so if you can give me some hints of how to give it a better taste with that rice, I'll be grateful, jaan!

    And you read the morning newspaper?! Whoa, good girl! I need to start doing that, too. I love people who do that. I have so much respect for them.

  40. ooooh... I see you've added the recipe... Grazzie Mille...


  41. first time in your space....I just loved the way u hav written this post...hope u hav enjoyed making chapatis :-)happy to follow u here! do visit mine when u hav time :-)

  42. Rice.. rice... rice that's our life in Kerala. All three times, if possible all mini crackers in between , everything is made up of rice..:)

    Btw, I loved this post.. :)