Monday, January 23, 2012


My two cent is very crystal clear "Come back to your own country if you feel  so  misfit in foreign land with all white people around you ".Just because they don't give damn about you and you feel so outsider with your Pakistani baggage  is not their problem.

If white Americans are that confusing, arrogant, dumb, stupid , ill mannered then why are you  living with with ?

But ,no they are not that fool .Why would they leave their green card/American citizenship  They left Pakistan for better living at the time when Pakistan needed them ,their education,and their service most.

I have heard  enough  whining from  Pakistani who lives in USA and talks non-stop how molar less white Americans are.  I seriously can not understand  all those people who desperately wanted to go there for better living and now making  fun of them.

There is a whole generation  who has grown up over there but still can not accept that culture and when you ask them to come back  they will say No."Pakistan is garbage"."It's so back ward "." There are so many   problems". "It's a third world country "."It is so unsafe there".They  are known as American born confused Desi(Pakistani) (ABCD(P)) who  lives their but don't like America. /........ White ??????

What the hell is white white???????

They only come Pakistan to attend cousins weddings or to find Pakistani bride/groom  for their confuse sons and daughters . Girls and boys in America has been dead or something .  No. "Those people  are so fast .My son is very Pakistaniiiii. He still eats Roti with Salan ". " He likes Pakistani girls in Shalwar Kameez. " "My daughter is very masson and sharif. She will marry a good Pakistani boy from Pakistan." "She doesn't  social  with goray(white) ". " I did not even  let her to  attend her prom .Those are vulgar activities ".

"All my friends are south Asian Desi .I ain't racist ".

"My God,I am so picture perfect Pakistani ,choke full with patriotism."

Those who has rejected to some Pakistani to attend their cousins wedding are like " He is studying very hard "."He is a boy  He doesn't need to come here"."I am only concerned about my daughter ."I don't care if he marry  a  white woman."

The most funny thing they say " Allhumd Allah my whole khandan  (family and extended family :aunts and uncles, grand parents ,other cousins )..chha chachi ,mama mami, dada dadi,nana nani. is green cared holder . We pulled them ,man..You Khala (Aunt)  did not sponsor you ? O ho .She is so mean."

And by mistake if you say something white they will make face and say . Pakistanis are becoming very westernize Thank God ,our children are not like that .We raised them well,

Ba sharam Goray .Hum wasay thuri hein .

Yes ! You are only up right, moral some, charter full and well manner (Double standard -Hypocrite )breed of human in this  whole universe,right?

First of all what ever white people   do  is not your problem They have different brought up,lifestyle,believes,faith,value and norms and different  way of living .You have yours . It is also not an obligation to understand them.If still you have so much issue with them  then  slap that  citizenship and come back. Your rozi roti will be here too.

I  can't  understand double standard hypocrite Pakistanis !


  1. When you leave a country for another, you have to give allegiance to the country that loves you enough to take you.
    There is no confusion here.
    What is the point to leave your country, because it's impossible to live in and then create another such country with the beliefs and customs which grieved you enough to leave?
    It makes no sense.

  2. Ahaha... wow you're right. I mean they made the decision to go to America, than even if they are faced with (racist) stupid americans, they should straighten their shoulders and be proud of who they are and show them hell! Whining isn't gonna solve ANYTHING!

    I hope they read your blog and realise how stupid they are being! Dx

  3. Some things are meant to happen. They never change, never do some opinions.

    Do what you think is right. And stand tall for what you believe in! :)

  4. i definitely agree, in america there are narrowminded, as well as openminded people. hopefully the learn to just ignore the ones who want to bring them down :)

  5. you are right. unfortunately I see some of the people we know who live in the US like that. and when their sons and daughters are old enough they go bride/groom hunting here.

    I feel sorry for those who were born and raised abroad and then have to come back and act like a complete local. they have their own personalities and way of living now.. I wish some parents would understand that and stop this mess they create around their daughters and sons

  6. this is a vision so different from the diaspora's texts... I understand your point but I guess its very difficult to adapt to the new country, specialy when their value are so different to the ones you have been taught in your country.

  7. what you pointed out is even becoming common in India .. ABCDs... we should not forget our origin , our roots , culture and ethics ..its important to adapt the culture of the other country but one must not forget or crib where they are coming from..

  8. Those people left their country for a better future and a better living.
    However it's difficult to fit 100% in the place you go.
    Their children if they are born there they will feel more like "home" than their parents do.
    Miss Starshiny

  9. Izdiher, I've done as you requested with your earlier comment. I'm totally against the habit of ABCDs, to go spouse hunting in Pakistan. But I wish you'd show a bit more empathy to the kids, sometimes parents force them down the lets go the Pakistan to find you hubby/wife route with all their relatives and family friends telling them this is the best thing to do, as the natives are considered both moral and submissive easy to control in the case of wife-hunters, and for hubby hunters, again easy to control, lesser chance of previous wives gfd hanging around, drinking clubbing issues. I've also noticed that ABCD girls tend to protest their parent efforts in these regards much more than the ABCD guys...

    and with these poor ABCDS itsa case of damned if you do damned if you don't: If the perfectly fit in to US culture than they have betrayed their religion and roots turned into a Coconut (brown on the outside and white on the inside) they are berated for that. If they hang on to the values of their country of origin they are again derided...
    I think some do try strike a balance people will never be happy and spouse hunting in your country of origin won't help matters, it will nulligy any progress they have made in adjusting and assimiliating in their resident country

    Sorry about the rant or any hurt feelings and ABCDs sorry about the label

  10. It is very sad to hear about our own country. I'm living in Pakistan and I hear this all daily! And I don't know why people can't stick to one point.

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  11. Very meaningful post Izdiher, we all have different ways of life. It's never easy to leave what you are used to for a new life but it should be a choice made knowing what we leave it for.
    Take care my dear friend and hope you are keeping well. xx

  12. This is very interesting. My wife came as a child to the U.S. from Hungary. They spoke Hungarian in their home, had Hungarian friends, and kept in touch with family back in Hungary. But, as a non-Hungarian, I'm glad Elvira was allowed to marry a non-Hungarian. I think our children are happy about that, too.

    Thank you for visiting my site.

  13. Very interesting post! I agree with your points. I enjoyed reading this.

  14. That's a great post dear! Very well written. ♥XOXO

  15. It's sad that some citizens when leaving their country, also leave their nationalistic traits behind leaving no compassion for their own country.

  16. Great post! And thanks for the comment! I wrote a big long boy post. Go check it out!(:

  17. I live in the U.S., I am a born and raised American. And to some degree I can understand the points being made by the Pakistani living here. America is an opportunity nation. Not everyone is wealthy, but with the right motivation and inspiration and ability to work hard most can make a good living here. And are happy. But, the morals in this nation have slipped and those of us who are traditional are often times shocked at what is acceptable behavior. I think your Pakistan/American friends may have it right, it is a good nation, but the (especially young men's) morals are often very wrong. Some of it may be the differences in culture, but in america we worry too about our own kids, and who they will marry. Maybe we should start looking in Pakistan too! :)

  18. i guess it's just how you look at it...nice post here :)

    and yeah, try visiting philippines! :) i'll be happy to show you around ;)

  19. I can completetly understand your opinion, I think I would have the same. Have a nice day sweet Izdiher! I dream of Pakistani food and the scent of Pakistan.

  20. I dont read the post to the end, but I understand your aim. Thanx your post

  21. Hahahahahahahahahaha i totally agree with you, we really have no right to judge anyone mtlb I've seen us born pakis who'd say stuff like
    "Hawwww uski beti ko dekha tha sleeveless kapre pehan k mundoun k sath tasveerain khechvati hai. Hamari beti tou gee bht masoom aur shareef hai" mtlb wth!!! can u define shareef???

    If u cant adjust then shutup!!! u have no right to criticize anyone least of all people of a nation where u live!!

  22. Well, I understand where it's problematic that those who have moved to their adopted country still complain about it, despite the priveleges they may have received. However, I think we should ever generalize. Obviously problems exist regardless of what country one is from, though the problems aren't equivelant. One of the problems is the on-going racism that exists in different parts of world. When will race and ethnicity be regarded as fictions on a global scale!

  23. Not all Americans are white. Not all Americans are the same in thoughts and thinking. But all Americans are free to do what they want to do, say what they want to say, and enjoy what they want to enjoy. Do not think all Americans are identical are alike.

    However all Americans enjoy Freedom of choice. Do not base your opinions on a few. Come visit one day and enjoy the splender of America and you will love it as well. I enjoy reading your blog. You write as you think and that is what makes it interesting to read. Thank you for reading my blog. I try to do as you do, write my thoughts and thinking. Hello my new friend.