Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Makeup,mistakes and I.

   Note: I am talking about my past ,so for God's sake don't get emotional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              I have also edit the first two papa .

Personally I  am in no position to tell you how to do makeup, and especially after that third class picture I published I reckon writing this post have no point .But still I am so dheait  and besharam  I will continue............

But about myself.


What kinda question is "why" . It's my blog that is why ,and I love showing off.I feel  so high when everyone and I talk about my self.

But you know what ....I was never like that.You don't even  know from where I am coming . How much I had  hated everything about me when I was teenager .My height,my chubbiness,my skin,my eyebrows,my whole look.

I felt so hurt about being short and hated everyone tall around me . Yes I   got offended when peep talks about my height but what can I do, right? God wants me to be short  .I accepted that and moved one playing with my looks and face.

Only things was that I was never aggressive so I grew up fighting with my insecurities peacefully.Everything was in my heart .And my mother is also not very chic type mom.She does not use one single thing and never encouraged me to do anything.Even when I forced her to use all kinda junk. I am responsible for all my mistakes.So I did every stupidity on my own.

Bye the way they are so many .So many of them had been forgotten and faded with time.Some still there.At 7th grade  I  bleached my whole face and burned my forehead . At 9th grade I stared dieting and due to crash dieting I had  health problems .Doctor warned me to eat!! I had done drag queen type makeup,went for skinny eyebrows,home tips,and many other awful crap.

In 2009 I used OCM and faced the music.

Now much time has passed.I am no more insecure about anything.I have learned my lessons.I  only go to  salon merely for my eyebrow job  after every four weeks ,rarely for other stuffs like manicure and pedicure, trimming ,waxing  etc etc.

Our MUA uses so much white base .And everyone looks  good in it ,not me ,though so this is my only reason for  avoiding MUA otherwise they are magicians  and they can turn you in to hero from zero. 

White cake base is a  big NO NO .

 a)Too much makeup base makes me look like Aunty ji or vampire and no matter how much you beg them they do their creativity on your face.

 b)  I am slightly kaali and dusky so with  this skin tone total white base turns me into gray .

c) I have grown up .I am  kaali  or dusky or whatever !!!! I don't care !!!  I LOVE MY SELF !

I am also not gonna defend my race by saying  south Asian -girls-are-most -beautiful-girls or dusky-is-sexy -monkey crap  .There is no such thing . Every one  is good looking in her own way.

Oh I tell you one more thing before talking in detail that our obsession with being  Gori  is not white   Caucasian  skin. This is a horse of totally different color .We like being fair not white .Fair is clean and light light brown in our dictionary .For that we do bleach,whiting creams  and whiting facial.

Every other normal cleaner , toning,lotion , moisture,mask, soap is turning into whitening cleanser, whitening lotions, whitening moisturizer , whitening facial cleanser, and whitening foundation.Ponds,Oly,l’oreal, Garnier,new skin range products  are" All White. "

And before you say something bakwas I tell you what majority of South Asians and even Middle Eastern   girls prefer lighter skin .So I was not alone.Now a days Fairness creams are for boys too.Bingo! 

For Desi girls being fair is pressure and sometime essential to get good husband .The boy's mothers who will reject you straight .Education,charter ,morels and bla bla are secondary things in their eyes.This is one of the main reasons than many others we go for it blindly.

However, these aunties are wasting your time, damaging your confidence and you making yourself fool by using these products .Instead of making you fair they will wipe out all the oil and your skin shine.Believe me no product can make you Gori.

 These  products have phenomenal sales in this region because they know we are fool for fair and that is why faring products sells.The sales person will give you 100 benefits of buying them. The fairness cream and bleach adds will mock you to death.

Please please don't bleach your whole face.I have been burned .This product is only to lighten side buns. Don't do it at  first place.Go for threading but still if you feel threading grows out more dark hairs on face then go for it but only only for side buns not for whole face.

Have you ever seen a cloth with bleach spot on it ? Look at it carefully  .It will fad  color.Same we do with our skin when we use them they will fad our original color.

There fairness  and whitening  creams contains mercury and  dexamethasone  ____ components that causes skin cancer.Think 100 X that for pleasing others you are gonna play with your face.

Make is the name of game  .Everyone should do it. It does magic.You just need to know tricks,techniques and practice, which will make your make up perfect.It ain't  a mask either.It is meant to enhance your beauty ,not overwhelm it.

MU is everyone's  personal choice . Some do more, some do less.So, enjoy makeup and be presentable.

Everyone is beautiful!


  1. Your last pic was good, trust me ! We are so used to seeing our own face everyday that we judge ourselves a lot - sometimes we even pass harsh judgements on our appearance - maybe you did the same too. But people who saw you for the first time, in your last post, people like us , found you beautiful ! Forget the picture quality. It does not matter!
    Have a nice day !

  2. I didnt get that it was u on the last pic, but anyway u have a really pretty face. Even bad picture quality cant hide that ;)

    I have to agree with u that everyone is pretty in their own way. would be great if arabs and asian would stop using face whitening cream and just live their own beauty. Seriously in germany girls go and buy cream to get brown skin and dont look so white.

  3. Sweetheart,I am being brutally honest here-You looked gorgeous in the last pic! Chuck the clarity crap or third class crap.You looked just great enough to pose for your own blog! And pls don't insult yourself in public dear....You are beautiful and be ever prideful about it!

    And make up mistakes...we all do :D

  4. I agree with LDV, it was the first time I saw you and I thought you looked beautiful, bad quality or not.

    And like Mimisha said, people in Germany, and here in Denmark, buy tanning cream to look brown.

    For us women, it's always we want what we do not have. I am tall (5'10, so I'm NOT joking when I say tall, I'm taller than the average man, even here), and I always wanted to be shorter. You wanted to be taller. I want smaller breasts, another girl wants bigger. Western girls want darker skin and Desi and Arab girl wants to have lighter skin. Girl with curly hair wishes it was straight, girl with straight hair wishes she had curls. Girl with thick hair wishes it was thinner, and the one with thin hair wants it to be thicker. It never ends.

    It is so hard for us to learn to accept our bodies and be satisfied with what we've got, because we ALL are beautiful in our own way. And we need to own that beauty, instead of trying to all look the same.

  5. You have real beautiful eyes, Izdiher!! You look pretty! :)

  6. that pic wasn't that bad... ache bhali thee...

  7. Hey Izdiher, I love the way you are. You are so original!

  8. Izdiher you did look great in the previous picture even though the lights were a bit dark but wallah you really looked amazing!! Love this one more!! mashaAllah you look gorgeous!

    Agree with every thing you said about the beauty products! I used a facial wash last june which caused painful irritation in my face :( I went to a dermatologist to fix the problem and still taking Roaccutane :( inshaAllah it will all be history and i will have my face clean and clear soon.

    I'm brunette and proud of my tone skin and i use a light pink make up LOL! because it tones my skin color and goes very well with the sun screen I'm using.

    One more thing i want you to know is, if you had insecurities for being short, everyone was mocking me as a teenager for being tall LOL it was annoying and i was so conscious about it.. but then i developed a so what and proud of it! then i realized its not about your height its more about your confidence. So proud of you ya okhti!!

  9. Izdiher Im glad to read that you are proud of being yourself! Im completely against that standard of beauty that selects just whites and skeletical girls...and yes!!I agree with the rest, you-are-beautiful!! =)

  10. Hello sweet Izdiher,
    I don't know what comments the previous post received... But when I saw your photo I saw a beautiful girl with sparkly eyes (and I'm honest and not flattering).
    I'm happy you feel good about yourself besause you're beautiful in your way as all we are.
    Keep smiling you're lovely!!!!
    Miss Starshiny

  11. I'm sure you look beautiful in all of your pictures.

  12. You're gorgeous and don't let anyone else's comments or opinions get you down!

    ♥ Duckie.

  13. you are still pretty regardless of a poor quality on your pix Izdiher..your smile and beauty radiantly shines..stay pretty ;)

  14. Hey sunshine.. No matter how poor the quality of a pic, it can't hide the beauty of your face my dear! For me, beauty = confidence. If we're confident of ourselves, people will see the beauty in us ;) So the most important thing is to be grateful with what we have and be HAPPY always :))


  15. Hey, even the third class picture can't hide your beauty izdiher..:) Yes, even though you are short in height like me, hehehe still pretty, ..hahaha.. Stay cool, stay beautiful..:) I like the way you are..:)

  16. Wellll...Izdiher, I do not think it would be possible to make a 'bad' photo of you. You are radiant, girl!

  17. Good to see you in all the hues:)BTW I second the dusky beauty part!

  18. Hey izi..Despite of bad quality picture u really looked beautiful in ur last post.. I have seen dis picture of urs some days back wen u had posted it at the time of your birthday. M i right?? And wow r u dusky in complexion? Same here and to be honest I agree dat dusky is sexy [and its not a crap ;)] I love my dusky complexion and never wish to become fair:-P Enjoyed reading your post:)

  19. Hey, first time seeing a pic of you and you look beautiful :)

  20. Hey, first time seeing a pic of you and you look beautiful :)

  21. Thanks for all your tips above!! =)

  22. hahaha.."looking kaali"...
    LMaF... you are funny girl.. :)
    and yeah.. u have betiful blog as well as beautiful eyes :)

  23. Aah Izdiher ... believe me when I say that you are beautiful!I'm not bull shitting or anything and even if the picture quality is not good, your beauty still shows!
    I agree with Becky who said that we never are happy with our looks - we always want something else - taller, slimmer, shorter, curly hair, blue eyes etc...

  24. I'm glad you did this post about not bleaching your face and putting on all this whitening stuff - you should grow to be comfortable and confident in who you are. I'm glad that you are and you look lovely!

  25. Third class photo? I don't think so. You look great!

  26. You look so pretty. Nobody needs to change themselves you must learn to love what you have. I agree with one of your other commentors, most people want what others have and vice versa. My gran spent a fortune on curling her hair, my mum spent a fortune on straightening her hair! Me and my sisters have different body shapes and used to envy each others! Nobody is perfect and you must learn to accept what you are. I spent a fortune in the past on fake tans now I am proud of my pale skin and don't do anything with it. I wish I had realised this when I was much younger it would have saved me money and heartache!

  27. beautiful message!



  28. OH GAWD I MISSED IT!!!!! By the way.. I'm as vain too... but apparently, not as bad as bleaching.. Still, you go girl... I like this post.. Thi post has got attitude!