Sunday, June 24, 2012

High dose of spice.

It's almost Sunday night here. Nothing especial. Tomorrow is Monday... what else, peep. As you know I am staying at home ( since May) so  tomorrow I be at home, will wake up around 9, after having good 8 hour sleep, while  you will be having Monday blue.


I had halwa puari for breakfast, which was damn greasy and YUMMYY ! Almost every Karachites go for halwa pauri on Sunday. I wait all week for this. I am just wondering there is salan (curry) with this stuff too, so why on this earth we dub it halwa pauri only. And, not just one salan, there are  two kinda different salan: one light yellow, less spicy, and one slightly darker  than that yellow one, more spicy.

My fav is spicy one....of course.

Then at noon I had Roti with Qaurma (curry) .

Qaurma is  curry kinda thing, with pretty strong aroma of so many spices. I think that is why some low life says south Asian smell like curry.

Yeah, we do !!!!

Any problem ?

 The spice we use are pretty aromatic. They clung, you know. That is why some smell like curry.

( Listen, I ain't gonna write spicy food all the time. I am feeling weird,OK? so from now on read masala khana instead of spicy food. That is what we dub ...masala = spice, food= khana )

Every one has their own taste, I agree. Tough some times I wonder   how do people eat less spicy food. In my whole life I only had less spicy..... pheka khana  when I was ill and doctor  steer clear of malsa khana still I didn't rein in it. And never do, and never will.

Why I reining  in masala?

Wa'Allah ...I will die that day. I  can handle any masala. My eyes never water,  and I'm never  vent the heat through my mouth......even more masala, more better for me, and my life. It has never harmed me. Peeps who has no masala  in their food I bet their is no masala in their life too.Pekhi zindagi.

I tell ya one funny thing .  McDonald is flop here ( any many others. I don't wanna name them).
Why ?

Because they have no spice.

When you selling food here make sure you add   masala.
Pizza Hut has whole range of Tikka pizza, Behari chicken pizza, Afghani Tikka pizza, and off and on they add desi masla flavors  to make this pizza more local.

Lay's flavor s are  chicken achari, masala. On the other hand, I ain't a big fan of Lay's.
Maggi noddles are caat paata and masala mirchi.

All my meals  are maslay dar. Hot and spicy. If not, I add ca'at masala on top of them. Like when I eat guava, falsay, strawberry, cherry I add ca'at masla, or black pepper with little punch of salt. When I eat frech friese I add so much ca'at masala with salt. It gives taste. With the passage of time this is increasing.  I am hooked on pretty bad. I can't have soup or any thing simple.

 Five spices I use for sure are red and green chilli powder, cardamom, tamarind, amam chor(mango powder), ginger powder, gooseberry, coriander, turmeric,   kalonji, garam masala....etc, etc. List is here .Khair bander keya janay adrak ka sauwad

And how could I for got achaer ( pickles). I also use  on nearly everything becasue achar  here are not just cucumber pickle. We have varieties of  achar,  mango achar, carrot achar, berry achar, cholay achar, lemon acaher green chillies achar. Name any veggie or fruit. I  can  make achar of it.

One of my father friends brought 6 jar of Sikander pickle from Shukkar. Would you believe this is the last jar we are using.

My fav dish Achar Gaust, which  means pickle with meat. It's a gravy  kinda dish.
No, eating masala will not give you ugly ulcer or any shitty illness.
Try eating briyani, tikka and qaurma, karhai, achar gaust, niharai, bauti, handi ......high dose of spice with me.You will not die :D.


  1. yummmy, I thought those were Okra, until i really looked at them, wow, green chilli, then i thought that would taste good with Sabayad( a Somali chabati)hmmmh.. i hope it tastes as good as it looks..

  2. Your food sounds delicious! I can almost smell it now~

  3. you eat too many spices... :P have fun with the achars...

  4. LOL! You crack me up! I'm an in between kinda gal on the spices! Not too hot and not too mild! HAHA! Enjoy the rest of your day Yar! And your spices!!

  5. I had chicken biryani in Kolkata and loved it! Guess I also can take some masala :)

  6. I LOVE BRYANI Chicken! The uncle down in my condo cafe cooked bryani chicken almost every weekend and every weekend, I'm like their most favourite customer (actually I go there almost everyday. They're like my personal cook).

  7. Mmmm biryani is one of my favourite dishes ever as well!

  8. Oh, please take me with you! I want to try all of these! I love food like this. Hugs.

  9. Looks delicious!
    Your blog is so good, it will be an honor for me if you visit mine too and if you want to follow, it will be a pleasure to follow you back!

  10. I didn't know you'll have Pizza Hut over there. You'll probaly have flavors we'll never have in the states

  11. Haha enjoy your lovely monthday. I am free, but I have to study. :(!
    Looks like a delicous, spicy dish.


  12. A very spicy and mouth watering post, Izdiher:) Have fun!

  13. This dish looks yummy, even though I'm a spice weenie, can't handle anything too spicy.

  14. Your post made me hungry Lol, enjoy all the masala!

  15. I enjoy eating 'masala khana' too but not to the extent you do. But I must say that this post has left me craving for some really hot and spicy food.
    Eight hours sleep...I need that right now!!!

  16. Wow wish Pizza Hut here would have those choices! I can only eat the limd spices - my stomach can't manage the really hot spices!

  17. Sono certo che questo piatto mi piacerebbe tantissimo!! felice inizio settimana a Te...ciao

  18. I can't really have spicy stuff, but you made me feel really hungry :P

  19. Loved reading your post. I love spicy stuff too but eat them only thrice a week { particularly on weekends }, the remaining four days, I eat/cook lighter food.
    I can eat anything spicy but nothing too hot. I use only half part of a fresh green or a dry red chili in cooking but no chili powder at all . I have heard about that meat dish cooked with pickle { achari gaust } but I am yet to try it out-I have heard that this dish is very tasty. Thanks for enlightening me about many varieties of your local delicacies.
    keep it up !

  20. I'm not particular with spicy foods but this yummy post here has tempted me to try one later :) spare one for my dinner *wink :)

  21. looks delicious!
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  22. Oh! the picture looks really spicy!! My brother loves spicy foods too but I prefer less spicy :) Different people prefer different foods, you know! Anyway, Just seize your moment. Take the rest and enjoy!! Take care!

  23. Looks yummy!! Cook this for me when I come and visit you one day! :)))

  24. We rule MASALAS xD
    To make it simple, our life's incomplete without chaat masala :D
    Aaaaand, try out Nandos Sauces, they're nicely spicy :D

  25. Sounds good and looks even better :)

  26. My sweet friend,
    More power to you if this is what you enjoy. Personally, for me on any morning is a banana, milk and cereal. Thanks for sharing my dear.

  27. hi my friend! how are you? ahmmm..its looks yummy.. i love spicy food too.. nice one.. takecare

  28. Lol maslaydar khana! Can't live without it? True!
    Whenever my sister cooks italian or something we tell her to spice it up to the MAX!
    Once she added so much masala to singaporian rice even those who love masala ever shedding tears.
    And fries with chaat masala and dont forget makai with masala!
    OMG i am salivating now! lol.

  29. Oh there goes the meaning of masala. I always see this but never got to google what it means.

    When I was in North Africa, our Pakistani friends would often bring us food on Sundays. You are right, it's 'very spicy'. I was surprised that it was spicier than Arab or Indian foods :P

    I have tasted biryani, often in weddings. Ooo I forgot the names of the Pakistani dishes but I'll never forget the taste. It's also interesting that you put spices on fruits :P

    We have Indo-Pakistani cuisines right here in the Philippines. I think Kabab serves it. I'll try it out one of these days ;)

  30. Spice is nice, agree. However, I never add nor subtract, just whatever is in front of me--I eat! Not even salt nor pepper do I add, because whoever is cook should know what they are doing.

    Nobody tells me how to play violin, so I don't tell you Peeps how to cook. Eat it or go hungry. McDonald...never! Except coffee,on the highway, on trips.. Good place for pee, and drink coffee. OK?

    Have a good weekend, peep. HEY! it is only Wednesday!!!--grin!

  31. love it! :)

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    and if you like it, feel free to click that follow button pretty! ^^

  32. Yummmm.. It looks so delicious.. :) Well, where is my biryani recipee.. I dont mind if U write a next post on how to prepare biryani and I ll take the recipee from there ;)

  33. hmmmm i love spicy food.. yes extra spicy food wont kill you :P