Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fancy bridal like public buses.

Anne Frank, once asked some thing very interesting over here.
 " By the way, is it true that in Pakistan women and men go in separate buses? In my university a teacher told us that that was made to prevent rapes, is it true?"

Well, yeah ...some how, though we don't go in separate buses, there is a gender segregation. However you can't stop rape or any such mishaps. Shit happens everywhere.

This gender segregated is also not by any  force. For this I am sure. There is no such sigh anywhere on bus "Women  on  front, men on back (men sit on back)  Actually, here people do what they feel is right. We  just don't sit together over  here.Period.

We are like that, or might have become like that. Possibly when bus services started women chosen to sit in front and men at back. There is no sound document about it.

Even if you allow us to engage in co gatherings, women will naturally go and sit with women, and men will make  their own group. Mostly families sit together. This is same in co-schools, collages, and universities as well as in  school vans and university points/shuttle.

 It's society, tradition, religion.....mixture of everything. This is in Israel too. So, don't say we are the only one, or treating women like a second class citizen.

Personally, I have no issue with this. I find it good, and safe.

Why I let a strange man sit next with me?  Everyman ain't prophet Josef. And there is also no need.

And  it's public transport,  all women with me. No fear.  It's the most safest, and suitable  thing over here. Me type of gal, who don't have car can travel easily anywhere in the city with out fear. So why I make fuses about it ?

My only issue is that ladies portion is not so  big____only one third of  the man portion, because these buses are oldies, from the time of Quid-e-Azam when woman were meant to be in kitchen only. So since then these buses are like that. More portion to man and less to woman.

Now things are changing. More girls and women are out there on road. Fathers, and brother can not go with them everywhere all the time.  Not only female population is increasing, the whole population is increasing day by day. Karachi is becoming over crowded. When these buses get packed at office collage, and hours  some man climb onto the roof and hang off the sides of them.

 We need more buses. Government tried to introduced green buses from Swiss or some where. They are very few in number, and not sufficient. Problem is that government don't pay proper attention to anything properly.  We  have to cop up with this no matter what

When papa and my bro don't go with us at night, we prefer it. So many time we have taken bus ride after wedding parties. Always safe. Nothing bad happened.

However, despite all that elites still have pain in their ass." It's so cheep." 
"We will not let our gals go in public buses"...bla bla., bla , bla.
 Possibly they don't wanna sit next to lower class. They are neat and clean creature coming from heaven.

Neat and clean creature coming from heaven, MY ASS!!!!

Yes, it's cheap and poor peep's  way of transportation. It has flaws too, which I accept, like we witnessed the looting in bus   but people can not stop travailing  just because of these pretext.

If you wanna know who is rich, who is poor, who is middle class, and who is who  over here, observe our roads and traffic system. It  will give you a  perfect picture of our society. Class thing is so visible on the road.

Peep who use big,  fancy cars, like:  Honda, Toyota, Corolla, Pajero.....bla bla , are ultra rich.
Normal cars. like: Suzuki, Charade, Mehran, Alto are for  the upper middle and the middle class.
Then there are this middle and lower middle peeps, who use cheap cars, motor bikes, buses, auto rickshaw, cingchi and their two legs.

I'm using buses since I joined St.Patric's high school. It is in the Sader....Old Karachi. It was 45 minutes ride from my home, and I was 16 years old, living at Nagan Chorangi. My father said it will be good for me. He went with me on the  first day. I was sweetening, shivering  and dead scared in women section. He was in men's. A young gal  who was sitting next to  me said " Listen don't behave like a scared little girl. You are gonna  come here almost daily. If you will shiver like that this world will find out you are week. They will eat you."

She was a medical student, going to Jinnah medical collage.  

After that I have been using bus on my own.  

It is under my league ( Yes, it is my only hope to going anywhere). For your information, I  fall into the  last category. We are middle class, we have one car_____Suzuki  Mehran, which papa use for office, and the rest of us use bus and ching chi. 

Auto Rickshaws and cabs fares has been raised pretty high. And when I can go to the  same place with in 10 to 15 rupees then why on this earth I waste my 30 to 60 rupees for a cab or an  auto ?

Pretty clever me, ain't ? 
Well, this is by birth.

 Now, check out the most famous fancy bridal buses of ours.

Have you ever seen such stuff anywhere in this world ?
They are buses, not trucks. However, trucks are also decorated in the same way. Even more ! I love funny statements, poems, verses at their back.
Buss drivers decorate it like his bride with painting, and other stuff. This is an art. And these peeps are doing this since ages. So, now you saw  why I dubbed them Fancy bridal like buses.
They are seriously collectors item. 

Photo credit:
 Cody Ash


  1. This is so interesting.. Good one, love!

  2. The famous W11. I like the 11C and 4M better...

  3. Fascinating insight Izdiher, and the Bridal buses, wow!

  4. The bridal buses are very beautiful!

  5. Bridal buses look so cute.. :))

  6. I love reading about your point of view. I agree to most of the points that you have written here. Quite a thought provoking Post ! The bus is majestic ! Really beautiful .

  7. This is a very interesting post. I truly like what you share here about your country. It could be very fascinating at times. Plus I thought bridal buses were used for brides :P...

    In our country, people could commute together using public transportation. However, I couldn't say the same thing in the Muslim areas. In our trains, the segregation scheme was implemented. But it isn't very strict. In the morning, I'd ride the men's section because it's nearest to the escalator. However, men except the senior citizens are not allowed to go beyond the women's section.

    Thank you for sharing this post. It's really new to me :)

    1. No Melissa, these buses are not used for brides but they themselves are the brides because the drivers or owners of these huge bodies treat them so. Why! Would suggest you read this post I put up on my blog some years before. SEE http://wondersofpakistan.com/?p=40179

  8. I have nothing against segregating male and female passengers in public transportation. In fact, two of the three line of trains in our country separates male and female passengers. And I think this brings some convenience and relief to the female populace. Although for some, especially those who travel with kids, it would be inconvenient for them. Though it may not work, I believe there should be a provision for those area for the family. Those decorated "bridal buses" caught my attention. So colorful and reflective of your culture.

  9. Fascinating! Those bridal buses are amazing- would love to see one up close one day.

  10. Nice post Izdiher...The bridal bus looks really beautiful. I'm surprised its really small. Buses here in India can accommodate 60-80 ppl..And I was whining..I realized things in India are way better after reading your post :)

  11. Wow!...Those buses are amazing!....They seem like buses in our fantasies...

  12. I can't see how they could drive with all that stuff on the window

    1. Adam, they do drive these fabulous giant sized vehicles and they do with lot of love, passion and enjoyment. These drivers’ passion for such huge bodies is such that they decorate their ‘machines’ called brides as if they would do their real brides.

  13. Wow!!! Jewels and diamonds and lots of gold.. something I've never seen before!! Izdiher! I love the fact that you posted these photos!! They're beautiful and I can understand that that's a custom in your country and how you might feel comfortable sitting next to women instead of men.. I'm the same way! I mean, I can say hi or be cordial when it comes to encountering men, at the store or somewhere like that but I would much rather sat with a woman than I would a man.. Especially since I'm married. It just doesn't feel right.. and would you believe, I've never caught my man looking at another woman!! One time in 9 years! She was a celebrity! J Low!! She's was on American Idol shaking her rump!! HAHA! But this was a very informative post.. and I like how you gave us your take on it and how you feel about it. NICE!!!

    1. Crystal,
      You better keep an eye on your hubby because he being handsome is vulnerable. There are a lot of cats out there looking for such a good looking man.
      But your man is lucky to have you the brainer of course.

  14. These are wonderful photos Izdiher. The Bridal buses are something to see but wouldn't make it here in my country because of all of the decorations on the wind shield. When riding on any public transportation I always look for another woman to sit with. There is a saying, safety in numbers, and I feel safer with other women in such circumstances. Have a wonderful week.

  15. Really interesting, I had not heard about segregation on buses. And that bridal bus is outrageous!

  16. "When women are given equality, that is when become slaves."

    On topic: Izdiher, thanks for explaining this stuff about
    culture, traditions, laws, religion--and bus riding. In my country there were signs on all buses ("Colored in back of the bus". As if that was where slaves might ride. Hmmmmmm?) Not one bus has that sign any more...
    Do you know girl, that you perform public services when you post the truth as you 'see' it. Thank you for your insights into differences in cultures.

    Maybe MORE of these in future?

  17. That bus is amazing, almost like it's a living creature. I must make a point of visiting your country some day.

  18. Dear friend,
    This conversation is based upon beliefs and traditions. No one will win. The buses are simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  19. That is true Izdiher. Here in Holland, everything is mixed. Though, I personal prefer a woman to next to me, than a men. Its feels better! And what a beautiful bus!

    I have to say, your posts are always soo interesting!


  20. Public transportation is a tricky one in my country as well. We're girls are afraid of the bad things that can happen, hence somehow there's regulation to make women and men apart in the commuter train.

  21. The writing was just as colorful as the bus Izdiher:)

  22. Those are some elaborate and beautiful buses!
    I personally would prefer space next to me on any type of public transportation so that I still have some sort of private space, so that I don't have either a man or woman too close to me. I think because there are cultural norms that dictate proximity between the sexes, that such distance will follow in most sectors in society. this doesn't necessarily suggest oppression, but perhaps a need for more dialogue between the two.

  23. I've learned something new today about your way of living (or commuting). Well, I guess you are right ~ that is for safety reasons. However, the ladies portion is somehow quite limited. Anyway, sooner your government can address that issue. That bus you've posted is quite interesting! Well sometimes, I can see jeepneys here in the Philippines with lots of eye-catching decors as well!

  24. Great info about your country. That bus seriously overloaded with deco. it look good though...wonder how the driver drive with all the distraction.

  25. Hey thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I figured readers aren't going to appreciate Science that much. Well, i tried. But remember this, when you encounter the word Higgs Boson, go back to my post. LOL.
    Anyhu, I've never really known that women and men sit in different buses. We kind of had the same rule for the train but I think it didn't work out very well coz women and men here travel together and some don't really want to be separated.
    That's a pretty colorful bus by the way. It kind of looks like a Philippine jeepney.


  26. Dear Izdiher ~~ Thank you for telling us about your country and those buses are terrific. Really decorative. It is good to learn about other countries and their customs.
    I am very happy that you are well, as I am at present. You were ahead of us with the use of lemons. There are some good tips old and new that make life better, And yes, we women are amazing. Glad you liked the jokes my friend. Love ya too D. Merle.

  27. Dear Izdiher ~~ Thank you for telling us about your country and those buses are terrific. Really decorative. It is good to learn about other countries and their customs.
    I am very happy that you are well, as I am at present. You were ahead of us with the use of lemons. There are some good tips old and new that make life better, And yes, we women are amazing. Glad you liked the jokes my friend. Love ya too D. Merle.

  28. Hey Izdiher, thanks for sharing this post. It depends how the woman feels, what she is comfortable with, maybe they should do a vote. Some like to be separated. It's just a bus for transportation, it's up to her if she wants to lower her gaze or not. God will judge all affairs at the end. Rapes are everywhere which is really sad. I wish I knew how to Kung Fu hehehe. Btw, what a bus! Very colorful.

  29. thanks for bringing that up
    of course public transports are made for public.
    no harm in it .

  30. Truly, you must have SOME thought about people as you pass them on street, or aisle of bus? It is a HUMAN thing. Curiosity is a HUMAN thing--not necessarily good--but it IS. What is...IS! Again, my opinion!

  31. wow. I sure learned some interesting stuff today. I love that about your blog. You aren't afraid to outright say what you believe and that, in my opinion, is something truly precious. Everybody tiptoes around when it comes to controversial topics like this due to all the political correctness shoved down our throats since we were young (at least in Canada). While sometimes it can be useful, other times it simply serves the purpose of politely ending a possibly enlightening conversation =.=

    mad love,

  32. wow! those buses are incredible! amazing!

    I like reading your blog and learning about your culture.

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  33. Hey!i follow you, do you want to follow me?

  34. love this photos and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  35. The pictures are too lovely. I wonder how the pathans can afford such an art on their transport carriages!!!!!!

    The bus looks like a "Dulhan" Wow!

  36. that's definitely unique and great tradition!!!

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  37. WOW that is one extremely colorful vehicle.

  38. I love those buses, i can see why they would become a collectors item, id love one. Public transport in England stinks, but its not related to class, everyone uses the train or the bus.Do you feel more confident now travelling now you have used public transport so much?

  39. Hello to you... our paths crossed again!

    I have to tell you, I found this post very enlightening. Here in Canada, we don't have bus segregation either ... that I am aware of. One is lucky to even get a seat on a bus during 'rush hour'. Freedom of choice ... a sweet thing worth cherishing. Those bridal buses are quite the colourful modes of transportation on the street! I am sure that they get lots of attention from onlookers. Very nice pictures, art on wheels!

  40. Amazing I should say! Never seen anything of those sort! Typical Pakistani!

  41. Izdiher, ma self, have boundless fascination, for these rich, brightly painted trucks and lorries of Pakistan. Right out of a passionate drive for these moving art pieces (can be seen by all and sundry, with no fee to pay), some years ago, I put up a piece by a friend of mine Umair Ghani on my blog Wonders of Pakistan. However, these fancy bridal like buses that you have put up here, are in themselves a klasse. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images. And BTY Izdiher, I liked your way of describing things - simple, to the point, and as much frank and expressive as a good piece that reader finds more receptive than the heavily laden, complex words which sometime do impress the reader but at the end, he/she is unable to understand the meaning on, over, or below of the lines.



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