Friday, May 10, 2013

Did you notice ?

Tomorrow, Pakistan is gonna vote. Yayyy  !!!!

But did you notice that none, not a single   politician spoke about progress, prosperity, development, betterment for this country. No one talked about  restoring electric power,  economy, and reducing violence.
I haven't heard  word "good governance." These things are actually not their agenda. They all have home in on  winning this election, by hook or cook, so they could be in power.  Now we know we have multiple political party system,  everyone will get enough chance to loot properly.

They so some much against each other ( in front of us, I reckon) that in every telly show instead of telling us about their manifesto,  they are grabbing each others collar.

Please, kindly tell me why I vote you ?

Too late, huh !

Every politicians fancy him self some sort of prophet, and why not people are blindly following them.

If you wanna vote, vote wisely.  Vote the candidate, who will do something for your area, city, not to some party. If these so called political parties, and their leaders  had to do something better for us, they  would have had done long ago.And  no one can finish corruption just in 90 days, this is sabz bagah dekhna,  and there can't  be  naya Pakistan, if we don't want a naya Pakistan.


  1. Are you planning on voting? I hope so.

  2. Good luck with the elections!
    Hope something good comes out!

  3. hope your election will turnout nicely

  4. It sounds as if in a funny way your politicians are more honest than ours, at least they don't pretend they care........... :)