Friday, May 10, 2013

FB Page.

Oh boy, don't ask how does it feel like having  days off.

Just watching T.V with my dad, yeah mostly election transmission, Modern Family and Fareeb, a Turkish drama serial, drinking some 6 cuppa tea in a day.

Also working on how to get Facebook comment option on my blog, becasue lots of my friends are not that smart who could figure out to leave  comments over here, you know, always-logged-in FB people, don't bother to come here. Mean, big fat mean people.

  Mazak eik taraf, FB is  convenient for many, and it is like whole world is over there. yahoo, MSN, and AOL , my space are oldies.

 Have I succeed in  it?

No, I am dumber than all, and almost messed up blog HTML. It is so complicated. Like, codes are in two parts: 1st one is easy one,  I added it on CSS of my blog, worked,  but the 2nd one which says " place the code for your plugin wherever you want the plugin to appear on your page" is recipe for disaster. I want that comment box appear after my post, but there seems no way. Real fitna.

Help me, how can I add comment box :( ?

So instead of adding FB comments on my blog,  I decided to have made my FB Page LOl.

Well, at  first I wasn't that taken in starting my own page, but anyway, everyone has  a FB page these days, so why not me ? And this is  an " IN " thing. I am still not saying I deserve it. I just made it. It is more personal. Gonna use it like peeps use Twitter.com___ I just had a dream, I just pee, etc, etc. 

One a serious note it connects bloggers with readers, and gives good following.  Its population is around is around 960,919,060.  And I think it is right time to have of my own, I  am doing this blogging thing since last  three years. wow. 

I dunno how necessary is to make one's page, but it seems like a age of social media, doesn't? If you are not updating, you are no where. I have  tried few sited for the sake of my blog like:, better blogger network, and Google +. Some helped me to gain followers, some not. Most boring is Google  + and Better Blogger Network.  No one talks over there.  Only thing is that I wouldn't spread thin in this cyber world for the sake of promoting my blog. Hell, it is a headache.  So if my FB page gets some peeps, I would tail off to FB. Seriously, how come mainstream people manage this much social sites?

Yeah, right ! If any one has to read my posts, they will, and they will bother to be here.
Shelly has already liked my page...OMG, 1 just got created.  I am gonna be so famous !

Click it. Like it.

How to make a FB Page :

It is quite halwa. You can also make one for your blog, or for any other purpose.
At the left of your Facebook's home page there is this option, create  a page.

You can go direct there via clicking this :

On that page you will have so many options, like, what kinda page you wanna create: Local Business, Entertainment, Cause or Community...etc, etc.

Apparently blog is technically a website, so you gotta click on brand or  product, which will  immediately give you options to choose category. Website is on second last one. Click it.

Rest is easy, you are not stupid. Do it your self. 

  If you have your own  FB page, and I dunno, then leave its link on my comment, I will love to like your precious page.  
 If you don't have one yet.....make  one !


  1. okay you got 2 likes now...i always used facebooks to "hawk" my blog, since i consider my blog more important. "Hawk" is an American slang for promoting or trying to sell and that shows you how old scholl I am. Good luck and i will still read your blog first!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Mmmmmmm... good job :) (y)

  4. You're going to get lots of likes on it, and I'm proud to have been the first!

  5. It is great thing to have a facebook page, it allows you to keep in contact with people in a much faster and deep way, rather than just commenting on their posts. I have made on of my own, for my blog, I don't have many followers, but I do get some feedback from people who are honestly interested in my blog. Congrats on your facebook page! I already suscribed to it! xx

  6. Hey, I left a comment above which says "removed by author."
    that's BS. What I said was, "You never come to my page on FB OR my blog, any more. Yet I am first to comment on your own. It IS NOT FAIR! I go on strike.

    My mantra: "I WILL NOT POST ON FB OR MY BLOG FOR ONE WHOLE DAY. AMEN!" Maybe then I can get some work done in my yard...LOL!

    Anyone ever tell you Izdiher--that you really do write GoooD? You have lot of "sane" ideas, in an "insane" world.