Saturday, May 11, 2013

I voted.

To no one, but I voted.

I have been mulling over a lot lately to whom  I should vote, or whether I should vote or not. I couldn't come up with a solid answer. Maybe I have lost all hope, but still last time when I did not vote, some one else did.Yeah, I became  victim  of thapay mafia. (When  a person don't show up, party workers vote). So this time I did not let that happened at least. 

I went there, went to the paper work, just didn't stamped on  voting ballot sheet. Folded the unstamped ballot sheet, drop them tin the box. Done.

 I know my vote will go in garbage, but I didn't give them chance to   vote on my behalf.  I just did what I felt is right!

My sis, dad and bro went for voting in the morning around 9.It was my sis's and bro's first time voting. They were super excited. Mom and I, went there at noon after lunch. Our poling station was Metropolitan school. I met my aunt, her 18 yrs daughter, and two neighbors as well.  They told us to  headed 1st floor. It was freaking hot, but every  room was choke full. Lines were coming out side the rooms.

Lets see, what will happen . Latest news is that Jamat-e-Islami has boycotted besides PML from Karachi. They are are accusing a rival party of rigging and violence.


  1. too bad i failed to register myself as a voter,
    so that i'll never have the chance to vote this election

  2. Wise decision, dearest.. Every vote counts!

  3. good luck.. we in malaysia just finished election last week... :)

  4. I'm proud of you for overcoming all of the reasons to not vote.

  5. I almost thought we live in the same country :) We are yet to vote tom. too. I think the procedure and system is the same in the Philippines. We take long cues of line (I hate it) and we are also stamped with those ink (another thing I hate haha)

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  9. You were right to vote - you have a voice and nobody should ever be allowed to vote on you behalf.
    Let's see what is going to happen - keeping you all in my prayers.

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  11. dear tq for the visiting :) sory for the very late replying btw i was also just done my responsibility for the country on the last few weeks..hhahhaa neither its being accept or throw into d garbage, it is their responsibility to answer w the God, as long as we've done our part rite..hehehe feeling proud of it rite! X)

  12. Wow you voted?? :) Great to know

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  13. Ha ha .... so did you vote for the winning candidate:)

  14. Good job. People who don't vote are idiots.

  15. good! how's after election? did your candidate win the election?

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  17. It has been a long time since the election in your place. I wonder what happened?