Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Election 2013

Aby yar.....What is this?
Government  announced yesterday, very clearly that  schools are gonna be closed from 8th May till  13th May on account of general  election.  Since morning I was fancying 4 days off, but someone jinxed it. At 7'o clock news  they said tomorrow ( 8th may) is on.  We have given the off circulars.  I am sure no will come tomorrow. To whom I will teach .....empty class rooms ?

I haven't made up my mind to whom I am gonna vote. Actually I never voted. This time I was thinking about giving it  to General Musharraf because he seemed right to me to run this country. Then he not eligible, and  his party boycotted, I am not voting. No one else  seems legit  to me. Same faces, same manifesto, same  crap. Neither I am following anything about it.


  1. You are a teacher?

    That just changes my whole perspective about you. ;)
    Take care!

    Hopelessly Hopeful

  2. I also didnt know that you are a teacher.
    Hope you will choose the right one for the election.


  3. Try and find someone to vote for if you can. There must be another choice. Government doesn't improve without participation, even if it is slanted and unfair.

  4. well best of luck for the election ours is also near to happen too

  5. Most politicians are the same............... However having the right to vote is so important.

  6. 8 May 2013

    When classroom is empty
    teachers become students.
    So let Allah teach us
    how to practice prudence.

    Choosing right from wrong
    We try to follow God's will
    Among Heaven's choirs and song
    He is director still...

    Steve E