Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bkini, beauty peagent and religious people.

First of all this whole judging women on the basis of their looks is so wrong at first place. However, it has been going on since so long, and no one forces these women to take part in Miss World or in any other beauty pageant.They do it more or less voluntary, and happy about it. So no sweat.

Parade in Bikini is one part of  these beauty pageants, but this year's pageant in Indonesia, Miss World has  replaced it with  beach sarongs to cool down the  protests from hard-line Muslim groups. Read more: here !

Not a bad Idea. I find them more   exotic than two piece bikini. As you know summer is here, trying these sarongs would be cool.

 But Sarongs are not swim suites, FYI. They are  just cover ups. You have to wear bikini underneath it.

However,  here we are talking about Indonesia's  conservatives who don't want to see models in bikinis, but want models to wear sarongs which from no angle looks likes like anything  Islamic or covered.Oh please, I ain't the one one who is rising  this issue: what is Islamic and what is not, they are the one. And if they wanna talk about it then this Sarogans are not Islamic either. Models should wear burkini.

If  they  had issue with it, why bother to take part in it at first place. They should not let it held in its country, neither send it participant to the contest.  Period

Or you reckon  it is pageant's mistake to go Indonesia !

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  1. I would have to check but i think we still have Miss World and other beauty pageants in England but they are not telivised now, except on those remote cable channels. They are seen as sexist here, really, but of course the view that women can wear what they want, when they want is gaining currency.

    Though if you walk down any street , a lot of the bill boards and adverts have nothing but women on them.

    I'd have to read more in to it, before formulating judgement.

  2. well, i think it depends o the perspective of the viewers, however, i somehow agree on you

  3. "Miss World has replaced it with beach sarongs to cool down the protests from hard-line Muslim groups"

    Waste of time appeasement never works

  4. So true.

    Hopelessly Hopeful