Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Everything is vulgar.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA)  has banned the  condom's  ad because it was vulgar. (Good).

I got it !

Well, most of the ads have no quality but according to them it  was way cheap. Woman in that ad was portrayed as a sex object. However,  I  have had  no idea that there was any  condom's  ad on telly, and it has been banned right after it on aired, until  I came across this blog post .

The whole blog post was zero in on Mathira and how vulgar she is, and because of her the family planning has become a dirty thing!

After reading that post, I  got the idea that Mathira  is the one who manufactures condoms, and sells them. The whole responsibility of family planing is on her shoulders, right?  And people are doing sex and reproducing  babies because of her! In a  net shell  she was the  mastermind behind that vulgarity.

Then came million dollar's  line :

         Mathira, maybe it is time to think about Pakistan and not just yourself. Your decision to take part in this farce has done us a grave disservice.
 Now, what does Pakistan has to do with Mathir's taking part in condom's ad? What kinda harm she has done to Pakistan? Is her ad is the reason Pakistan is the most corrupt, overpopulated and underdeveloped  country?  Majority is illiterate because of Matira's  vulgarity? We are no where on the map because she took part in that condom's ad.

I Googled for that most controversial and vulgar  ad according to people and found it here.
(Hurry up, watch it before it vanishes from there as well. It is too damn  hot, I am telling ya.)

 First thing, it wasn't her ad. It was  Josh 's condom's ad. She is a paid model, an entertainer. She is not on T.V to teach us contraception.  Second thing, she will do exactly what her director will tell her to do

 Now after watching it, I am laughing my ass off! Perhaps it is vulgar! I am morally corrupt so my two cents doesn't count in this regard.

Well, as much as I know ads aren't to  educate people about contraception. For this, there is one thing call sex education. This particular ad's  main purpose, and I reckon every ad's main purpose is  to  encourage people to  buy  their products, nothing more, nothing else,  then PEMRA banned it  because they found it vulgar. They didn't say they are banning it  because Matiria is in.

This PEMRA, who bans movies, ads and websites  is not from another planet. It is part of our society. We get upset about sex and all that jazz, don't we? And when they don't ban controversial stuff  we say PEMRA is besharm. It has no shame. 

Few days a go I also came across this  post where another ET's  blogger was comparing Ghanchakkar with Raanjhanaa. She was against the banning of    Raanjhanaa though it doesn't matter much when any movie gets banned over here. Who watches it in cinema? Hardly 20%, and they do that for  fun in cenipax. You know, going cenima is a vulgar thing. 

But  is there any comparison between these two movies? However,  she was saying  Pakistan's censor board is confused, instead of banning Raanjhanna which is family oriented movie, they  should have banned Ghanchakkar which  is vulgar.

I dunno how much Pakistan's censor board is confused but I am way sure we Pakistanis are very confused. Everything is vulgar, every woman is whore.
Image's  source: Blogs.


  1. Heheh. Love this entry to bits..!

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  3. I've seen condom ads in India next door to you. They were amusing and no one seemed upset by them.

  4. I agree with you... our nation is confused

  5. Interesting how people perceive things differently. Great post! Made me smile! :)

  6. I watched the ad but I don't speak the language. Just from watching the action I didn't see anything out of line at all. I'd love to see what they would do with some of our ads shown over here in the US.

  7. People who give such attention to advertisements on TV (or anywhere?) should find something else to do with their time.

    I may be wrong, but I believe in US, the stations--TV and radio-- pretty much censor themselves--but shows and ads sometimes get out of hand until the public outcry occurs.

    Censorship belongs only in wartime--what I think.
    Censorship is certainly NOT freedom!

    interesting read, Izdiher.