Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eid Mubarak!


Eid Mubarak! 

  Happy Eid :) 



Eid 2013 in Pakistan will be on 9th August. We will sight moon tomorrow, insha'Allah. Besides Saudi Arabia,  so many are gonna celebrating it on 8th Aug, which will be tomorrow. happy, happy Eid !!!!!!!

When they will be celebrating Eid, we will be sighting   moon.

Well, we know that the Islamic calendar is based on the Lunar cycle, where day starts and ends at sunset. However moon sighting could be different in different countries. It is a  pretty natural thing. Every Islamic/ Muslim majority country  sight  the moon like it  has been told to us  to start a new month, but  this beaomes a issue only   in Ramadan and Shawal

Good news is that, there will be one Eid in pakistan.

KPK and the rest of Pakistan will be celebrating it on the same day, because  we stared Ramadan together, so hopefully  it will be celebrated on the same day. 

Another thing, if for some reason,  moon could've  been spotted, there would be two days gap from KSA, which is impossible.

We always have Eid  next day of Saudia's, whether moon has been spotted or not. 

Actually, what happens most of the time, on 29th Ramadan, both government appointed and  independent Muftis sight the moon. Independent one will immediately announce  Eid is confirmed. They have sighted the moon, and some witness also have confirmed them. Government should listen to them. Actually they want to celebrate Eid with KSA, otherwise how could only they  are so lucky to see it? how come it is only visible to them, not to others ? 

And for your  information, Saudia  has get it wrong  so many times, and because of that now they  go with calculation, instead of  moon sighting. 

On the other hand, government appointed Muftis  say there wouldn't  be any Eid unless and until they will not see the moon with their own eyes. It will be only when when they will officially announce it, and everyone should listen to them. There can't be any state with in state. And this is a correct way.

 The only way to  settle down this issue once and for all, when  independent muftis stop behaving like arrogant, and accept what government one is saying. And numerologists, astronomers, related peeps should all get together and decide, becasue these muftis has made this simple thing a pure confusion.   

 Is using scientific stuff and scientist people in religious commettie  a sinful act?

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  1. I can't speak for Muslims, but scientific stuff was considered sinful for Catholics for centuries. Just ask Galileo.

  2. it isnt sinful, its inaccurate here... maybe with better technology it can made more reliable

  3. Happy Eid, which ever day is settled upon!

  4. Hello Izdiher,
    I wanted to say thank you for your nice comment on my blog!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  5. hey Happy Eid...
    hope you are having great time..

  6. Salam i was wondering what happened to the post you made yesterday?

  7. Since God has alread created/invented all that science has discovered or WILL discover--even the tools science uses--it seems like NOT a sin to make use of all scientific instruments and data.

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