Friday, September 20, 2013

Bank account.

 Like couple of days ago, I  had to inform Mr. F, about my bank account opening  form, which gotta be  filled again.

Actually, what happened, the one he gave me last week is out dated according to the  bank.

Se and I, went bank to submit it during our lunch time, but at that time, bank was so choke full. There was a queue at bill counter, and almost every table was   crowed with customers.

And because of this much crowd, one  tall bank guy  in white shirt told us to wait  for about 20 minutes. It was quite impossible for us. We asked can we  come  back after our off timing, and he said OK, you can and it will not be this crowded. We were almost out side the bank, when a security  guard called us out. Someone from bank was calling us.

 It was another guy from the bank, who was standing like a statue at the time when we where asking around to whom we gotta submit our forms. But, anyway, now sweat, we went inside. He offered  us to sit. We sat down. there was Ac in his office. It is so damn hot these days. I was almost dying.  Now he  was saying   we can submit our forms to him, but he didn't tell us, whether the forms we are submitting are old ones or new.  He was just smiling.

Creepy !

About some  two hours later, he called me to come and  fill  new one. I had that feeling, but anyway, I told S about it, and she said don't worry, we should tell this to  Mr. F. He is the one who bought those  forms for us, so before going again to bank we should tell him.  This is impoarnt to bring this thing to  his notice.

 Well, yeah, Ok!

I could say OK,  and headed back to my own business, but  no !  I went ahead to his office, and said " he call me, because a form you give is old dated."

Can you believe, I  said exactly that in front of the person whose English is supper good ?

Well, you can forget tense, structure  and all that jazz.  But what is  this old dated ?
 And he was like, who called you, and why, sorry Miss, what ?

What would he be thinking about me?

Huh ! in front of him, I do some extra efforts to be dumb, otherwise who do such dumb things? 

If I had to speak in English with him, I could have took a breath, make some sentences in my head before  shooting like I do normally whenever I gotta speak English with others. 

Actually with him whole talking business is so difficult.

He is so.........I dunno! I wouldn't  call him good looking, or anything. He is just a  normal middle aged married man with kids,  might be couple  of years younger than my own father,  but there is something about him  which is attracting  me toward him, and I dunno what it is................ Oh boy, what word should I use for him?

Leave it.

In my life, there are so many things which you can't cotton on.  It is one of them. To make it simple, I just like him, the way he is.

I go  to his office bahaney bahaney say,  just to see him. And you know,   he sat beside me,  and instructed me  how to fill the whole bank's form, is where I first time I met  him.

Now I have filled the new one, and about to submit it, I am wondering what excuse would be there for me to go to his office ?

Today was also good. It was Friday and he was in his white shalwar kameez. I just peek into his room during lunch time, but he left early enough. 

NOTE: Hey, hey hey !!! If you are a middle aged man with kids, and I talk with you,  then you don't have to worry about anything. You are safe.


  1. Hahaha, this made me laugh, someone has a crush :P

  2. hahahahaha ohhhhhhhh someone has a crush ;) and boys in white kurta shalwar look soooo HOT ;)!

  3. Best thing I like about your "crush" story is:

    "...Huh ! in front of him, I do some extra efforts to be dumb, otherwise who do such dumb things?..."

    That line is SO special, and lets me see just how utterly honest you are in telling story, even if not totally honest with your man ("acting dumb", I mean)--I'm smiling!

    Now I understand the story. Your dreams should be happy ones, my dear!

    Your English is MUCH more charming that "perfect" English (tense, structure, and "old dated" which has perfect meaning, BTW, and of what IS communication, if not to convey "meanings"?)

    If I were your advisor, I'd say write a book. You know hw to do that? Open computer turn on keyboard, and BEGIN! Write just as you write on these posts--or as you talk English.
    I'm urging you. Publishers in the west would love to read your work. And yes, it IS WORK--to write!
    PEACE, Ifrah.

  4. Wowwie, I kind of like men who wears traditional attire to work.

  5. can do much better Iz! :P
    Sorry for saying that! ύ.ὺ

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