Wednesday, December 4, 2013


When ever there is some political/ sectarian or any kinda unrest in Karachi, there is always a confusion about school being opened  next day or not. Normal people get alarmed. They see stuff on T.V which gives them clear picture that the school will be off tomorrow in this current situation. Then there  will be a call for strike from the political/ religious parties. News alert about  schools-will-be-closed-tomorrow get cracking. People find these news confirmed and get relaxed. Then after few hours pvt school association  will announce all school will remain open  according to scheduled.

It is true we Karachi go through a lot because of these  unrest, esp school kids. These strikes are unnecessary.  We can't closed schools, collages and wasted a whole day, however it is not that easy. Despite the confirmation schools are open, strength is very slim. Parents avoid sending their kids out. Mostly  teachers go for the sake of their pay.

These pvt school association should also keep in mind that teachers are not their servants, they are employees and their safety is also their responsibility. So many comes from far away areas by public transports, anything could happen. Another thing  whenever something like this happens, public transports are first to  be  scooted out from the roads. Anything could happen just in few minutes in Karachi and next minutes it seems like nothing happened.


  1. Life is a river that changes course frequently.

  2. glad to read something like this here.... yes we need more Malalas...

  3. heartbreaking when kids, who have done nothing, are the ones who suffer most.

  4. It's just so sad, how children get to suffer.