Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little bit emotional.

Eighteen years old  Maria Meeer from Faisalabad, couldn't woo the panel of judges with her voice in the  first Pakistan Idol (Faisalabad audition). She sang but   Bushra Ansari,  found her voice  little low. Ali Azmat said he couldn't even hear her. Hadiqa Kiyani  agreed with  her two co-judges. It was a clear NO from all three of them.

She broke down.  It got viral on the social media.

To viewers, it was so rude of judges to reject such a beautiful voice. They dubbed their   judgement wrong and  unfair. This brought Amant Ali, a renowned Pakistani singer's attention toward her. He reached out to her and  did a beautiful song with her to slap the judges. 

It''s a miracle for her,isn't? I am sure she wouldn't  have even dreamed about it. Her song is out before other contestants who started their journey with her. They  are still in gala around, she is not only  singing professionally, has signed her first contract.

However, I am not totally agreed with everything  happened so far.

Don't take me wrong, I am also watching Pakistan idol from it's first episode, and  I have watched that episode as well in which  she appeared.  She might be an amazing singer but at that time of the audition she didn't give her best.  Her nervousness was so visible.  Confidence level was zero, and maybe that is why judges did not find her right for the competition.

And this is what idol is all about.

It is a singing competition.

It's  is a world wide famous reality television singing competition.  So many countries has adopted this show as it is. Now  it has come to Pakistan as well.

It is a " Reality-Television-Singing-Competiton-Show, "which means you are in a singing competition which is for reality television, with other singers, who  can sing just like you or even better than you. Here it does not matter how talented you are, or how beautiful your voice is, what matters  is  what are you giving at that moment. There are judges and their job is to judge your singing at that moment.  

So many are standing in the queue to be judged voluntary., because they are fully aware what this show can do for them. They know It is giving them an opportunity   to try their luck to be known and famous. This show  will give them. opportunity,  fame and money. Young, struggling,  unknown singers are desperate to be on the show.They know they will be judged harshly, like I said, no one is less talented, all singers can sing, but here  they have to woo the judges with their singing, style, and personality.

They are looking for complete package. And this makes  it a fair show.

Those who are its viewer and understand the concept of the reality television know that  it starts with an audition  by panel of judges who go to different cities, and find the best, then these contestants   go through few rounds, after that they are left on the mercy of public votes, where public  select their singing idol.

 What,  when public reject the same talented, beautiful voice?

That is also a rejection.

Audition episode are most watched episodes because of interesting participation of participants  in it.

When participants   performance  good, judges complement them, when they don't,  they don't hesitate to give zinger. Sometime they  pour scorn on the participants that  they broke down.

This is also a (planned) part of a show. And it is like that for so long. Take it or leave it. People know that and still they're there to be judged. Producers are running a reality T.V show not a charity show. And yes, appearance/ presentation  and confidence matter too. You are going to be a singing Idol, mind it.

 Maria Meer, is not the first person to be rejected harshly. And if you see the video without being emotional, it was not that harsh rejection as people are dubbing it. Judges didn't insult someone for the first time either. Most of the "harsh insults " are for those who are not even singers and in the show for god knows why? Other than that, why would they insult any one who can sing well?

They mostly  say, its a NO from them, voice is not that good, not ready for show............and so what? They didn't invite you. You are there voluntary.

And in other idols like  American idol, India, etc, etc, participants do come back and prove them wrong.

We are just little more emotional than others.  Nothing else.

On the other hand,  I am glad this happened to her. All my best wishes are for Maria.

Life is funny.


  1. there is still another side to it, Idol "final 10" have very specific contracts that bind them to sing only what they are given for a number of years and make only a percentage of they would had they had it on their own....maybe it is best for her?

  2. life is funny... thats it... things dont usually go the way we plan it to go... but the best happens may be in an unexpected fashion

  3. life is unpredictable! what happened to her is totally unexpected..wish her all the best!

  4. About 11 years ago I started watching "American Idol" on TV, a very good show. But as the original cast of judges moved on, the show lost its pizzaz--at least for me--and others! And now, I just too busy to sit and do nothing but stare at TV for an hour--keep thinking I should be doing something else...Interesting to read your descriptions of Pakistan Idol. I believe the concept of the show was a British TV show, then it began in US and was immediate hit in 2002.

  5. Well this a great story with a very happy outcome for the the girl. She does have a lovely voice and I really enjoyed the song.

  6. A happy ending for her! An interesting post that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  7. Oh I watched this video on facebook a few days ago!
    So amazing!

  8. Regardless to what we do, life has a funny way of turning us onto another path when we least expect it. The judges are aware of what they are looking for, and if she wasn't great on the day, then that's fair enough but, she's great now and her dream is coming true. I bet she didn't expect that to happen in this way.

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