Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It was definitely her good luck that Mr. S and Ms. A, both  had left for head office, other wise I was so there to complain about her because this is not the first time she yelled at me in front of my students, even though she is not the authority figure, but you know some people fancy a lot. 

Last time, I   let that whole yelling thing go, because i) I ain't good in yelling back ii) it  was my fault.

 I called one  student's parents, from admin office, without informing her. Actually at that time she was not at her seat, neither was F, and A was crying. I thought this is a right thing to do at that time.

He was not feeling well since morning, but came to school just for giving his monthly test.  And after recess, he couldn't put it up, and started crying so badly. I  took him to admin office( to her), however she was not there  like I said. A, the accounted was there, and I first told her, she said go a head and call.

 My bad. I should have let him cry.

Anyway, she yelled.

Today, she did it again. I was in grade 6, when  she storm in the class and asked why there is   pile of discarded pencil shavings around S's  desk.

Go and ask her? S is not in this class," I wanted to yell back, but   somehow  I could mange to say meekly " I dunno, she is in her class, I am here. How could I know  if there are any discarded pencil saving around her desk."

 "You are her class teacher. You should have known."

Even if I am a class teacher, I  was not in the class at that moment, when she was creating mess.  If that discard was at that time when I was present  my class, I could be held responciple for the mess. However,  coming to me during my class, and yelling just because it's your habit, is  actually an  issue, which needs some  serious counseling or medicines.  I dunno, sorry, but this is no way.

You can't yell at me, for other people mess. Miss H was there at the moment.

She is not a bad woman, but because of so much pressure she does that. We all go under pressure at work, however no one ignore silly blunders. Why will they? We are same there.We all are  paid employee. And if it was done by my  boss, I might not be writing it.

She  is elder than  me, but still  she can't yell at me or at anyone.
No one can yell at anyone.

It is almost everywhere. People get angry and they yell. I have picked up this  as well, and not feeling so good.


  1. When someone yells at me (fortunately this rarely happens) I just turn and walk away. In the past if a boss yelled at me I'd calmly say," Obviously you're upset, so lets talk about this after you've regained control of yourself." This is always fun because it makes them even madder but you're so polite there isn't anything they can do about it.

  2. Sad of her to do that. Maybe she got some anger problems :$. You should stand up, but I can understand you prefer not to.


  3. To yell at a teacher in class is not done:(

  4. This sucks :/
    I'm really bad at confrontations, dunno how to yell back too.

  5. Very unprofessional on her part. You, in my opinion you handled it the right way for if you were the type of person to start yelling back then that would have been worse and set a bad example for your students. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Nobody has "yelled at" me for many years, but I can remember that I became a lion when it happened. When I lost it I am insane. For the moment. So I am glad it happens no more!
    And ya know what. Nobody changed....except ME! HA! Who would have guessed it be so simple?

    I would not know how I behave in your cases, unless I was there, involved. I can not predict how!
    It IS good for you to write about these things Izdiher.