Friday, April 25, 2014

Eating out

Hina took me out for lunch because  I   baby sit her  2 year old son. ( I have reached that certain age where almost all my friends have two or three kids.)*

She is one of my very good friend, and I didn't want to say no to her. However, lunch  was too much for me. She was stuffing me and complaining I am not eating much. I was eating.

We went to B 4 Broast , oppsite Darulsahet Hospital and ordered quarter broast, and club sandwich with Marinda. It is evening right  now and I am still so full. After watching all those raid shows on street foods, I have literally stalled eating stuffs from outside, especially meat stuff. You really don't know what meat you are having  inside your burger or chicken Tikka. Oil they are using is actually grease. And  if you notice they all taste same, same spice, same flavor, nothing especial. And after eating them there is strange feeling of heaviness, isn't it?

Food is everywhere over here !There are lots of  fast food, local food restaurants, and food streets. You can't resit yourself from eating them when you are out.

Most of the time we chow them down without much thinking. Some of us are having  them almost  every day like my co-workers who  eat halwa puri and parhata with tea at lunch.

I always have  peanut biscuit with me to dunk it in tea at lunch. Enough for me.

Having ready made stuff for lunch is easy and convenient. Most of us don't have much time in the morning  to prepare stuff and bring it at work. We should at least try it  for your health.  making sanndwish wouldn't take much time.

To me home cooked food is blessing. My Mom is the best cook. There is taste, specie and aroma, and most importantly it is hygienic unlike outside food.

I ain't even comfortable with big restaurant stuffs anymore.

Do you like eating out ?
How much do you eat out ?
Where do you mostly go for eating out ?


  1. Home-cooked food is a blessing for me too, I only eat out when necessary ;3

  2. We have been having this lousy water retention that even the restaurants suffer such miseries. I prefer eating home cooked food because of that particular reason as of now. Keep skipping lunches every now and then.

  3. I love home-cooked meals as much as I love eating out :)

  4. Well, I prefer home made food more. But yeah I do go out for dinner atleast twice a month just for a change..

    And Izi!! My girl.. Shocked to see the number of your blog followers.. Wow! Good Going girl..
    Miss You :)

  5. We don't eat out too much, except for the occasional Chines dinner since we don't cook Chinese food.

  6. We don't really eat out all that much except for the occasional Western or TexMex Restaurant like Chilli's. I'm glad you like your mum's cooking - I'm a mum too with children almost your age and older and they love my cooking too!

  7. I love food no matter where it is I'm eating :D

  8. I just love to eat......................anywhere!