Monday, May 19, 2014


There was no water in our apartment for like 3 days. All the saved one started finishing by  Sunday noon. People  called tankers to full their tanks so they can carry on with their lives. Whole Sunday was chaotic. We were also waiting  for our turn, but it came to us last night at 12:30 . Thanks Heaven  today problem has been solved.

Water is there and we have saved it.

 This water  and electric shortage is no big deal for us __Karachities. We are quite used to it. People mostly save,  get tankers, or move to their relatives for a day when situation gets worse. I know this is not a solution,  but that's  a way we roll.

This  whole episode of water shortage  taught me the importance lesson of saving. My mom and dad both are quite those type of people who are firm believer of saving  almost everything for tomorrow. My dad always says " Peopel who don't save live hand to mouth."  He is right.I saw that today. It was just water shortage, just image when people have final crisis and they have nothing saved.

Every alternate day my parents save water in tanks, and three big drums in the morning. They have their turns, and on weekends me and my bro do that.

We also have no closed relatives left in here  to whom we can go in such days. We survived these three days just because of saving.


  1. this is a good reminder to me - because here we squander water because there is so much of it! It could be different like in your situation or many other places

  2. Three days without water!!! I can't even imagine how hard it would have been. But the underlying message is wonderful. We must save for a better tomorrow and a humble today.

  3. SQUANDER! That is what we in USA do, it will be remembered as one of our greater disappopintments to God.

    You write GOOD, no doubt about it. I love attitude like this, you wrote: "... I know this is not a solution, but that's the way we roll." A diamond of thought.

    The following short prayer we (I) say frequently, at least daily, and it is the way your attitude shows through your writing, Izdiher.

    Please God, grant me the serenity
    to ACCEPT the things I cannot change,
    COURAGE to change the things I can...
    and WISDOM to know the difference.

  4. Here in America we take so many things for granted, like fresh water.

  5. It's always a good idea to SAVE!!! You and I know that probably a little all too well yar! It's hard going without and when you have been without, then you tend to realize the importance of saving.. whatever needs to be save and whatever can be saved! That's how we roll too! LOL! :) I'm glad you survived the past three days though! It had to have been rough!

  6. Always save for the rainy day, as the old saying goes, Ifrah:)

  7. I felt such conditions, really uncomfortable. One thing I got : along with every hardship is relief. Have a nice day.