Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Even if it's one room rented apartment.

H's youngest son's 1st birthday is tomorrow. She is arranging it somewhere in SMS.  I might not be able to go. Ali, my brother  is not at home in the evening these days. So after school, I went to her place and give birthday boy his birthday's present.

When I came back home there was no one there.  I loved it. Usually mom is back before all of us, and always there to open door for us. I remember when we sibling were used to go school, my father kinda  cleared it  to my mom  clearly by saying to make sure never let kids wait for you at door steps.

 Now we are grown ups and only two left (unmarried), she still make sure to be at home before all of us  and get the meal ready.

I love my parents a lot. I love how they worked their ass off for me and my other siblings. They literally sacrifice their whole life and still ready do more.

However I loved that there was no at home when I came back today from H's place.

I sometimes love being coming home to an empty home.

 The feel of  opening the doors by myself is something which only those can feel who have their own places. Even if it's  one room rented apartment. Your own place is your own place.

Sure, one day I will have my own home. I will have keys of my own home. This is my parents home.

I want to have my place with someone I want to live with. Even if  it's  one room rented apartment.This is nothing about being ungrateful for what I have. I am more than thankful to God for blessing of roof on my head.

Still your own place is your own place.

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  1. Ya, I get that feeling. Even though parents have done so much for us but there's also this 'independence' that we seek. Can relate to you in this matter.

  2. It's such a great thing, yep.. To have our own space..
    You're gonna get it soon, insya Allah..

  3. the solitude of being alone for a bit can be refreshing water. Enjoy and never fear for the future

  4. I've been married 40 years and have never lived alone, but I do carve out a private place for myself.

  5. You write with such great amount of maturity, Izdiher. It is a pleasure to read, and learning how you think. I know you are on the right track, girl, that whatever God sends, you can adapt to it, and deal with it. And I PRAY that if it is God's will, you will have your "own pad" (as we used to call). I still believe wherever you one day choose to live--even that "horrible" country America--grin!--you will make an unforgettable mark.

    Good vibes on this, my friend!

    1. OH! loving your background tulips--in pastel, a hazy-lazy feeling to page !!!!!

  6. Hope you continue to enjoy with your loved ones:)

  7. So true Ifrah, when you have your own place, it feels so good!

  8. God is amazing! Enjoy the life he gave you and if you want your ownplace someday, He will give it to you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, so kind of you! :)

  9. Ma sha Allaah. Parents are the sweetest people we could ever have.
    I am living with my mom, just two of us. Tho she is sick and i understand her being irritable, she is still the best thing that happened to me. ^^

    followed your blog, dear sister.

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