Sunday, September 14, 2014

Everyone is having blast.

It's been one month. Two politicians, their political parties and supporters  are protesting and holding sit ins in Islamabad against current government.

  Million dollar question is would all these darna (sit ins)  turn  Pakistan in to a developed,  progressive, corruption free country of the world?

I dunno.

As much as I know no countries  have became corruption free, progressive, developed over night, neither with in a months while sitting in sit ins.

 And if you just listen the addresses  these politicians  address in their rallies, and sit ins, making Pakistan a developed,  progressive, corruption free country of the world is not in their  agenda at all.

They  only want to be nothing less than PM or President. Go Nawaz Go,  (Resignation of PM Nawaz) is the only demand  they are demanding.

Kaptan Imran Khan (PTI), chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) started with Azadi (independent) March on August 14. To him   the election 2013 was totally rigid, through which he and his party  won from KPK. They are  a part of  government, but still governing the province of KPK is not enough for him. They want re-election, electoral reforms  and  all the members of Election Commission of Pakistan tender resignations. he called for civil disobedience. (No one took it seriously. Just his dying heart  burger fan boys and girls)

 Honorable Sheikh ul islam, Tahir ul Qadri, chairman of  Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) started Inqilabi (Revolution) March on same day of IK.  To the him, the whole system is corrupt. He   wants revolution  for Islam and nation of  Pakistan. He wants people to write  "Go Nawaz Go," on every currency note.

 They address the sit ins almost everyday.  Curse PM and every other they can. Go back into their bullet proof  containers and that's it.

Their supporters  trust them blindly, dumbly and deafly. Sit ins are chock full with their supports and other Islamabadians a.k.a Iglooians who are merely their for good time. Those, like us who are outta Islamabad watch this drama everyday on our T.V.

 Schools in Islamabad are closed because of this. 

On weekends, there is jashan ka smama on their sit ins.  Crowd is double and triple.  Their is Dj, music and dance, food and what not  in IK's sit in. 

 There is sham-e- ghareeba and religious soulful stuff  in TuK's sit in.

In up North Pak army is engage in  Zaeb E Aab_ an operation against militant.  Lots of people have to be left their  their homes because of it. They are living the life  internally displaced person (IDP).

Srilankan delegates, and Chinese PM have  canceled their visits. No one have any idea, because of this economy is going down. On the other part of Pakistan, Punjab side is  drowning in flood,  survivors are  crying out loud for help but of no avail!

 Everyone is having blast in sit ins.

Update: After Go Nawaz Go' currency note to not accept by State Bank, Qadri asked to write
 Go Nawaz Go after every sms and text message.


  1. I hope Pakistan's political problems don't dissolve into violence.

  2. Does not sound good, especially for those in need!

  3. Omg, yes. I found someone on the internet who doesn't support IK+TUQ so blindly! From what I"ve seen in social media, PTI fans boys and fan girls have swamped everything, making the dharna look like it's actually achieving something- whereas its actually not!
    I like your blog (:

  4. I like your post. But Pakistan will go nowhere until and unless the citizens sit on their heads and do something. I myself don't know where these "Dharnas" are going. But just trying to be positive and I have a strong belief that something good will come out of it. (Just hoping not sure, I may be wrong as well)

  5. Government must be OPEN and TRANSPARENT (HAHA!) and people must be FREE (HAHA!)...Would that to happen, the fiery chariots from heaven would descend.

    In US it is crime to "deface" money--which means writing ANYTHING on it) but people sometimes do it anyway. They are never arrested, there are MUCH more serious problems, far greater issues facing the world. Your election is one of THOSE! :-)
    PEACE and LIGHT to leaders of world--EVERYWHERE!


  6. Well, i wrote a lot and it would not let me post, google does this, quite the little editor .
    First i wrote that i really liked this style of reportage, it reminds me of Pepe Escobar, the Brazillian journalist, he is a hero to Brazillian youth.

    Then i wrote..i will just write it.
    There is a guy on my fb, he *** he is Pak and he posts such beautiful pictures of his country, we never see this in the western media only the worst. Take a camera in to a city centre on a Friday night, see the worst in England.
    I really like the imagery you unfold, it seems like the sit in crowd are very distanced from the suffering others. I have to read more on this whole thing.
    I will reblog to my fb if you don't mind?

  7. I don't even know if it's all funny or not.

  8. Hi Izdiher,

    Firstly I respect your views on the sit-ins but I will be honest I am PTI supporter, and not a recent one as that I've been a 'fan girl' since he came into politics and I must say he has come a long way. I do think he represents hope for Pakistan. I think by making the sit-ins fun its is a great marketing tactic (forever the marketing teacher) and it has succeed in mobilising and politicising quite a few strata of the Pakistani population that were indifferent or ignorant. I also believe he has started a movement for change don't you think the PIA Rehman Malik is a good case in point, I think everyone should stand up for their rights 2 corrupt families have been stealing Pakistan' wealth for too long, they must be brought to account.

    I really do hope IK succeeds, whether he will and how long it will take only God knows. IMHO he's the best thing to have happened to Pakistani politics in a long time. He openly publicly says the things we say at home without fear of repercussion so either he's extremely brave or extremely reckless I'd like to think the former. He also has brought up the issue of overseas Pakistanis rights, who are pretty much coerced out of the country if they try to return, despite being a source of foreign investment and huge transfers they are treated like crap- it doesn't make you love your green passport much.

    Of course only God knows a person's intentions and what will happen in the future, but his speeches resonate with me, unlike any other Pakistani politician.

    For the sake of Pakistan-I wish him all the best.

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