Saturday, September 13, 2014

Luking gud.

I have no issue when peeps use shortened words when they  txt-speak,  leik;  u know,  u k? ur,  2day or watz up? Tc, sum1, or Frd.

Obvi, it is not a vbd. No 1  have tym  to give crap about comt sentences in prpr English, with prpr grammar and spelling while txt speaking, but I mean leikk rly,  peeps should use urban directory when evr they get tym.

With all seriousness, we should check  before using every  other shortened words on the internet and on the  sms, because there are  few words which we shorten  for text speak actually  have totally different meanings.

Like cum, for come.

Cum is a frequently used word for come, which in reality  means liquid that comes out of the penis during ejaculation....Yuck

(Note: I am not going in the debate of  what is appropriate and inappropriate. But it is yuck) 

There is this gal, maybe two different gals, who constantly  comment  luking gud, and sometimes luking nyc whenever my frind upload her pics on her facebook. I have been seeing this for so long, however today it compelled me to write about it. 

 To be honest, I  also didn't know the meaning of luking at first. Just after cum, I have started UDing for shortened and :incomprehensible  words on internet or on txt speak. And when I did, according to UD, it has 6 definitions.

1.  To slap someone across the face with your dick.(just imagine !) Normally explained by, 'But it was an accident!' or 'It was only one time!'
 2. This is the act of visiting a toilet in a public place, usually a library, and engaging in masturbation.

 3. to travel to the boot with the intention of bring home a stranger.

4.  v. The process of repeatedly killing a joke. To use a joke so much that it is not even funny more.
5. To "Luke" someone/something is to repeatedly stand in front of the person (or thing) when you are in a conversation with somebody.

6.  To be very lazy, often playing games when suppose to be working, while passing off any real work to those around you, all the while taking credit for their work and stealing their ideas.

Of course, Luking Gud type comments  are  defiantly  unintentional and without knowing the actual meaning. and I am sure when they come to know the  actual meaning of their shortened words, they will be rofl.






  1. XD Had me laughing!!! I wonder how these people will react if they come to know what their words actually meant. I have always disliked using these and most of the times I have to look up the internet to know what it exactly means. The funny thing is people using a slang/short form without knowing of its accurate usage.

  2. Shorten versions of anything can be confusing: slang is a good example and most commonly encountered, but you can not spell check text abbreviations and i have enough trouble typing without it...a good non-English slang in common use is a German greeting "Wie Gehts?", Literally it means "How goes", but is a shorten version of "Wie Gehts es ihnen" or "how goes it with you". Slang is still slang

  3. Cheers To izdiher *applausment* :D
    I really like your blog new look :*

  4. A fun post. No one has ever asked me to "Cum" to supper.

  5. Language is so wonderful.
    Did you ever read any Burroughs or Bryn Gysin?
    I never mind language, i have to share with you a short film. Bullet In The Brain (but its not a horror film or violent honestly, its a persons total devotion to language, its sfw)
    (part one)
    (part two).

    I really like this post, i have to read it a few times before ideas about it.