Saturday, September 13, 2014

Roadside Bun Kebab

If ya remember my post Share Your Food, where I made Corned Beef Hash, I was asking  about your  fav food/ dish from your country, or any famous dish, or even any street food where you are from, you would would love to share it  with me.

I got so many need exciting responses  from all around the world.

It's time for me to share what  I love most.

And it is Bun Kebab___  A famous street/roadside  food from Karachi.
 (Pic source: here)

 It is very easy to made, much similar to any Burger with patty a.k.a Kabab and bun. They serve it  with yoghourt chutney and ketchup usually.

Funny thing about it, is its  taste. No matter how  yummily, hygienically and perfectly  you try to make it at home, it is never gonna taste like the one you get from thalay wala (road side stall) in just around 30 rupees.

The mamza of eating it  is at the roadside  in the pollution of Karachi.

There is also no fix recipe or any hard and fast rule to make it.

All you need is: Bun, Kabab's patty, egg, onion, tomato, cucumber, ketchup and yoghourt chutney rita.

 Kebab: I am using gram lentil and  beef  kabab.  You can use which ever you want: Chicken, mutton or even lentil only one, and veggie one like potato.  Some made their gram lentil and meet kababs with potatoes. It is perfectly fine. all you nee dis kebab.

  Making Kebab's patty:
  •  Soak  washed  gram lentil for over night or  for at least for about 4 to 6 hours.
  • Boil them  with onion, ginger and garlic, salt, and fennel seeds  in pressure cooker.
  • When it has been tendered and boiled well, and no water left (if left drain it),  chop them  in chopper.  
  •  Adding chopped onions, green chillies, cut coriander and mint leaves are optional just for taste and aroma.
  • Add little bit salt,  spice like chat masala, grounded black paper, cumin,  and garam masala. (If it is not available black pepper and red chilies can work well.)
  • Mix them well and shape them like a patty. 

Yoghourt Chutney Raita is made by one cup yoghourt, coriander and mint leaves, cumin seeds, sugar and salt according to your taste.  Blend all these stuff in grinder, and your  Yoghourt Chutney Rita is ready.

 Lets start cracking: 

1. Dip your kabab patties into egg white( if you don't like egg, minus it. No big deal) and fry.

2.Meanwhile, cut the veggies: Onion, cucumber and tomatoes in slices.
3.  And spread the Yoghourt Chutney Raita on one halves of   the bun.

4. Put Kabab on it. 
And mash it little bit with fork. It would be easily mashed due to the softness and tenderness of Kebab.

5. Cover it with  sliced cut onion, cucumber & tomato. (You can add salad leaf and cabbage, as well)
 6. Add tomato ketchup/ mayonnaise on it and on the other halves of the bun.

It looks like  the  Bun Kebab is ready. Well almost. You can have it.

7. But the BK guy heat it up after this on a tawa (or on  fry pan if tawa not available) with little, very little just a spoonful of oil  or ghee, up side down, so I am doing it too.


Now  cut it into half and cater to it with chutni and ketchup.

Enjoy and have a yum weekend.


  1. This does look tasty. I only wish my stomach was as interested in trying new things as my brain is. But I'd definitely enjoy this food.

  2. I have commented twice here--and do not see the EXCELLENT REVIEW I bestowed on your work, my friend. So you will have to trust me that I DID write some "wonderful words" in my "humble " comments...grin!!!!!!!

  3. That looks pretttyyy delicious!!


  4. It looks like what they do with baked potatoes in Dubai, they mash it up too there and put things in it, then put it back in the potato skin lol. I like the photos, very colourful, i think being outside food always tastes best. They have market stalls in England during the cold days and they sell sausages on these huge pieces of bread.
    Great post, im hungry now.