Saturday, May 9, 2015

Zaineb Market

I went to Zainb Market and did a photo walk Lol.


  1. As I view your photos, Izdiher, wonder if you asked Peeps to smile, or if it is natural for them. It is enjoyable to see smiles all over an area of a city. For your first "trial" series of photos, these are just fine.

    I personally like photos which are not posed, what do they call them--YESSS! CANDID shots. And along with that can be categories of "Funny", "Pathos", "radiantly Happy", "Sad, etc.
    Maybe animals, children, people at work, police, firefighters, ...Anyway, a few of my favorites are these kind.

    IF you "take" to camera will eventually become your log book, history, your very EYES through which you shall "see" beyond the obvious. Thanks for posting. I (we) look forward to many more coming. You might wish to keep them in dated files, so you can see your progression in acuity (That's a good word to know, BTW!!! HAHAHA! I looked it up to make sure it meant what I wanted to say...
    Bye, my FRIEND! See you around the blogs!!!

  2. OH! Forgot...I especially like the one of two men sitting so relaxed
    in front of what looks like a large pile of...well, JUNK! That is REAL photography!!!

  3. So many people, so many stories.
    I like the pictures.

  4. They seemed to like you, especially the young guys. Good job, dear!