Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Beautiful Dream.

I think I did a mistake. I should not  have told him anything at all. Even to anyone. Telling and discussing your issues with  others is a mistake. Also the way I tell is not serious. Most of the time I am smiling and laughing. Why would anyone take me serious?
Everything has its limit. It is hurting me. And what  she told me was the last straw. I replied confidently however I have decided what I gotta do from now on.They have no right to tell me what should I do, with whom I should be. Things would get worst if I am gonna let it go.
I had a beautiful dream. It was really beautiful. After swiping my card I go to  washroom and make my self presentable after 45 minutes bus ride because I don't get time to do make up in the morning.
I desperately want university to be over.  No idea How will I do my MS? It is too much.
Anyway...on Friday Habib University is having seminar on design thinking. A foreign speaker is coming.  I am not gonna miss it at all .....this time.

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