Saturday, December 12, 2015


Winter is my warm and  sunny Karachi. It is getting cold and dry.  I went to  Uni with bundled up in my mom's maroon shawl and camel colored sweater. And this is the reason I don't like it.

And you can't go out much either. And you have to find sun to warm up yourself.

My Friday was quite eventful.

At work I told her I am not comfortable at this table, and space. She after listening said this is the place I chose it.

Yes ! I did that. It was my decision. My bad.... ??

Now if I will be moved upstairs in other room...I will be cut off from the main department. There are few other things on which I have made up my mind. And so relaxed. I just want my life back. My enthusiasm to work. My routine back.

Hope it is not a bad decision.

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  1. hope - yes sometimes it is all we have and winter does not help as it chills us to the bone (not yet here, we have the warmest December ever and no snow ...yet)