Sunday, March 27, 2016

DSLR Camera Pro App


I found  DSLR Camera Pro App while browsing mobile photography. The camera I have in my smarty id boring and being a Dlsr user you know very well hw does it feel like using  point and shoot thing. Back in my mind I  have this urge to  focus and control ISO, aperture and shutter speed

With DSLR Camera pro you can do it.

In simple words it is a mimicked  DSLR camera in your smarty :) . Soo Yaayyy !!!!

Here are the major features that you get:

 • two-state shutter button - press to focus, release to take a shot 

• moveable viewfinder - to set focus-area anywhere you want 

• live histogram

 • exposure compensation

 • geotagging

 • flash mode - auto, on, off, torch 

• light metering mode - matrix, center-weighted, spot

 • autofocus mode - single, continuous, face-detection etc. • white balance 

• ISO 

• drive mode: single, burst, timer etc.

 • scenes - portrait, landscape etc. • color effects

 • grids: rule of thirds, golden ratio etc.

 • volume keys as shutter buttons • front-facing camera support

You can click here to watch it's vid on

Some Pics I took. 

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